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Clash of Clans, while its launch was a bit uneventful, after a few years, it took over the world by storm. There weren’t any successful mobile-strategy games at this point, so Clash of Clans could be considered a bit of a pioneer in this genre. However, as the game evolved, there are many wondering whether you can play Clash of Clans on a Mac or PC.

Can You Play Clash Of Clans On A Mac

Can You Play Clash Of Clans On A Mac

The main reason as to why there is so much interest on whether this game can be played on a Mac is because there have been some players that play it on PC.

While there isn’t official support for this game on PC, some players have found workarounds to finally enjoy it on PC. But does the same apply to Mac, or is there official support for this game on it?

Well, unfortunately, Clash of Clans cannot be played on a Mac, despite what many people think.

Even though Clash of Clans has seen huge success in the mobile-strategy genre of games, it hasn’t really evolved pass that. Meaning, to this day, Clash of Clans still remains one of the best strategy games for mobile, but it also remains a mobile game.

The game is available for both for iOS and Android. The base game is completely free, albeit there are purchasable items in the game, which ultimately makes Clash of Clans a ‘freemium’ game.

Chances of it becoming available on a Mac or on PC are slim to non-existent. There are emulators for PC and some for Mac which might offer the possibility of playing the game on these platforms, however, the game still isn’t optimized for such systems, so you might run into issues or play the game with not an ideal resolution.

To this day, there is no shortage of content in Clash of Clans, and it still remains the game with the biggest progression curve for a strategy game on mobile.

The game still gets regular updates and new content, so we encourage you to give it a go even if it isn’t available on Mac.

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