Clash of Clans: How to Use Super Potion


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Clash of Clans is chock-full of action-packed combat and effective strategies to defeat your enemies. One of them is using your Super Troops. These powerful units are commonly unlocked with Dark Elixir, but there’s another item you can use to unleash them – Super Potion.

Clash of Clans: How to Use Super Potion

This entry will guide you on using Super Potion in Clash of Clans. It will allow you to upgrade your units more efficiently without wasting other valuable resources.

Clash of Clans How to Use Super Potion?


Super Potion is an item that enables you to boost your unit into its Super Troop counterpart for three days. One of the best things about this item is that it eliminates the need to use 25,000 Dark Elixir to upgrade your Troops.

The Trader can sell you this item for 300 Gems. Alternatively, you can earn it as a reward by completing Clan Games after reaching Level 11 with your Town Hall.

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After upgrading to Town Hall Level 11, you will unlock Sauna, a new building that will appear next to your Trader’s tent. This is where you can get your Super Troops once you have upgraded them in the Laboratory. But before using Super Troops, you’ll need to reach Level 8 with regular units.

Once you have met all requirements, you can finally use your Super Potion in Clash of Clans. Here is how:

  1. Go to your Sauna and click it.
  2. Press the Troop that will be upgraded to a Super Troop.
  3. You will now access a new window that lets you choose between Dark Elixir and Super Potion to perform the upgrade.
  4. Select Super Potion, and your Troop should be upgraded to a Super Troop. You can upgrade up to two troops simultaneously.
    super potion

Remember that this item can only upgrade Troops to their max level allowed by the Laboratory. Therefore, upgrade the Laboratory to its maximum level to maximize your Super Troops.

While Super Potions are highly beneficial, they are not perfect. The biggest downside is that you can sell for just 10 Gems. This pales in comparison with the purchasing value of 300 Gems.

What Troops Can You Unlock With Super Potion?

Super Potion gives you access to mighty Super Troops. Let’s check out some of them:

Super Barbarian

Super barbarian 1

Super Barbarian is a close-range Troop with high damage output and solid health for this housing space. His rage ability gives him increased damage and speed once he is destroyed, which resembles Raged Barbarians from your Builder Base.

Super Barbarians do not have preferred targets when attacking. They engage the nearest building, but once they notice a nearby enemy Hero, Skeleton Trap, or Castle Troop, they will attack them. After defeating all the enemies, Super Barbarians continue to destroy the closest structures.

Super Archer

Super Archer

This long-range Troop with arrows can penetrate multiple structures simultaneously, dealing considerable damage to each one. Her arrows can usually cover the same distances as Bowler’s boulders. Still, they can often travel further, especially if she is near her target. While this may compromise her range advantage, it enables her to damage more buildings.

Super Giant


Super Giants are melee units with a large amount of HP. They have a powerful Wall Buster ability to deal additional damage to walls. But despite this, the Troop does not target these structures automatically.

Instead, they aim for defensive structures, bypassing other types of Troops and buildings. This holds even if the enemy Troops engage them. Furthermore, they do not consider Clan Castle a defensive mechanism, whether or not it has enemy units. Conversely, they see activated Town Hall weapons and Grand Warden as defensive structures.

Sneaky Goblin

sneaky goblin

You can use Sneaky Goblins after activating Super Potion with standard Goblins. They inflict more damage and have more HP. Moreover, their Cloak ability allows them to go invisible five seconds after deployment.

These Troops prioritize resource buildings and damage this type of structure. They work great as funneling units in several situations. For instance, Sneaky Goblins can destroy an Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, and resource buildings more quickly than other Troops.

Super Wall Breaker

Super wallbreaker

Super Wall Breaker is a unit that moves on a huge barrel bomb. Its movements are slightly faster, and the Troop deals more damage than regular Wall Breakers.

Super Wall Breakers have two sources of damage: normal damage and damage inflicted when destroyed. If the unit reaches its target, it deals damage from both sources. But if it dies before that, it can only do the second type of damage.

Like Super Giants, Super Wall Breakers prioritize Walls, ignoring all other enemy Troops on the battlefield. After destroying each wall segment, they attack the closest structure, regardless of the type. They will also engage any enemy Troops if they become aware of them.

Super Minion

Super minion

Super Minion is a larger version of Minion, firing rockets from long distances. It can fire the initial five shots from a long range. The only downside is that Seeking Air Mines can detect and attack the unit.

For maximum damage with this Troop, players should use their Rage Spell. It puts the Super Minion in its area of effect from a safe distance, allowing them to make the most of his abilities when cast accurately.

One of the most effective strategies is finishing off or sniping exposed Giga Infernos or Giga Teslas with their Rage Spell-boosted attacks. The long-range attacks can outrange all defenses whose range does not exceed ten tiles. The list includes Air Defenses, Archer Towers, Bomb Towers, and Scattershot’s.

Super Wizard

Super wizard

As the name suggests, Super Wizards are based on normal Wizards. The most significant difference between this unit and other Supper Troops is that you can unlock it when reaching Level 9 with the base unit.

Super Wizards attack with lightning that can damage multiple targets. Unlike the chain lightning produced by Electro Dragons, these attacks branch from the primary target. They can strike up to nine targets, provided close enough to the first victim.

Since Super Wizards can hit many enemy Troops simultaneously, they are most effective when killing groups of units. Bear in mind you need to protect your Super Wizards. Otherwise, the opponents can easily conquer them.

Super Witch

Super Witch

Unlike standard Witches, Super Witches are incredibly vulnerable to single-target attacks. Hence, she is better suited for areas with high-area damage capability, including multi-target Inferno Towers and Wizard Towers.

Super Witches work great in Smash-Style attacks. They can obliterate the center of your enemy’s base with an appropriate path—their Big Boys tank damage from other units, enabling the Witches to spawn new ones.

Amass a Formidable Army

Super Potions are some of the most useful items in the game. They allow you to save your Dark Elixirs and turn your Troops into Super Troops, ready to take on the enemy head-first. Once you have built your super army, you will become a more formidable threat on the battlefield.

Do you prefer using Super Potions or Dark Elixirs? How many Super Troops have you generated with Super Potions? What is your favorite Super Troop, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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