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Hunting down enormous and powerful monsters is the core essence of Monster Hunter Rise. In order to accomplish such a feat, we need to equip ourselves with the best armors and weapons available. However, the best armors and weapons may not look that great to you. Some armors may offer the best stats but seem aesthetically unsatisfying. The developers over at Capcom are well aware of this and introduced the Layered Armors using Outfit Vouchers back in April. In this article, we will be explaining what Layered Armors and Outfit Vouchers are and how to get them.

How to Craft Layered Armors in Monster Hunter Rise

Layered Armors in Monster Hunter Rise is what Skins are to other games. This gives us the ability to change how our hunters look while still equipping the less aesthetically pleasing top-tier armor pieces. To be able to craft the available Layered Armors, you need to go to the Blacksmiths in Kamura. Layered Armors can be made by both Hamon and Nakago for the same value and requirements. Simply talk to them and choose Forge/Upgrade and you will see the option to Forge Layered Armor.

In order to craft the continually-growing Layered Armors, you will need to gather different monster materials depending on the armor you want to craft. These materials vary, but all Low/High-Rank Layered Armors need the core material Outfit Vouchers.

Outfit Vouchers

Each Layered Armor requires different amounts of outfit vouchers to craft. The required vouchers usually range from one to three pieces per piece. Low-Rank Layered Armors like the Kamura set or the Chainmail set only require one outfit voucher per piece. So to complete the set, you will need at least five (5) Outfit Vouchers. High-Rank Layered armors, however, require three vouchers per piece for a total of 15 Outfit Vouchers to complete like the Golden and Damascus set.

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Getting Outfit Vouchers

You can only obtain Outfit Vouchers when completing High-Rank 7-Star quests. Outfit Vouchers can be obtained from Rampage and Apex quests as well. But not all quests give out this as a reward, so it’s best to grind these quests. The new quests released together in the update back in April are more likely to reward these vouchers. These quests require a minimum of HR8 to be accepted via the Hub Quests in the Gathering Hub.

After you accept and complete the 7-Star quests from Minoto the Hub Maiden, you will be rewarded with Outfit Vouchers. The amount of Outfit Vouchers you earn per quest varies per quest. Most 7-Star quests reward you with just one voucher. Hunting the top-tier monsters like Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters can yield you more vouchers.

In order to farm more Outfit Vouchers, you will need to continue repeating some quests until you’re satisfied. It is not going to be an easy grind because Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters cannot be trapped and captured. Additionally, Rampage Quests usually take longer to complete compared to normal High-Rank quests, so farming them by taking on Rampage Quests is the longer route. The following quests give you Outfit Vouchers more often:

  • Ancient Illusion
  • A Blaze Among Beasts
  • Apex Diablos Rampage Quest
  • Apex Rathalos Rampahe Quest
  • May Fire Quell Fury
  • Return of the Bazelgeuse

Buddy Outfit Vouchers

You can also customize your Buddies’ layered armors to look great with yours. Having a matching set with your Palicos and Palamutes can make your hunts look badass. The Outfit Vouchers can also be used to craft their layered armors. Simply go to the Buddy Smiths in the Village. There are two of them, one is found in the middle of the VIllage right next to Hamon the Blacksmith. The other Buddy Smith is found in the Gathering Hub next to Minoto the Hub Maiden.

When you approach the Buddy Smith, select Forge Layered Armor. All the Low/High-Rank Buddy Layered Armors cost one Outfit Voucher and a variety of monster scraps depending on what armor you intend to craft. Palicos and Palamutes have two pieces of layered armor, which means you will need two Outfit Vouchers.

Special Layered Armor

The Low/High-Rank Layered Armors are just skins of other armor pieces. It means you can equip a Vastrax armor set and equip a Layered Armor set of the Wind Serpent Ibushi. For most players, the full potential of Layered Armors lies in mixing and matching different sets.

There is another kind of Layered Armor that can’t be crafted the conventional way — Special Layered Armors. Outfit Vouchers are not the core materials needed to craft Special Layered armors. These unique armor pieces can be obtained in a number of ways.

  • Pre-purchase bonus
  • Special Quests Rewards
  • Amiibo Rewards
  • E-shop Purchases

Pre-Purchase Bonus Armor

If you pre-purchased Monster Hunter Rise before its release back in March, you will have been given a free Layered Armor for your hunter, Palico, and Palamute. There is the Kamurai set for your hunter, Forest Cat Costume for your palico, and Retriever Costume for your palamute. This set gives your hunter a samurai-vibe Layered Armor that goes well with the theme of the game.

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Pre-purchase Layered Armor

Special Quests Rewards

Capcom has given the players of Monster Hunter Rise a number of Layered Armor pieces over the course of the previous updates. The layered armor from the Capcom Collab has been particularly well-received and players all around the world are loving it. This has given players even more options for armor combinations.

To get access to these Special Layered Armor pieces, make sure you should update your game to the latest version. Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet. Once you’re online, talk to Senri the Mailman and select the option Add-on Content. Select the add-on contents and quests in this list (preferably all) and you will have these new quests available to you.

Go to the Gathering Hub and talk to Minoto the Hub Maiden. Select the Event Quests and find the quests between Low Rank and High Rank. The Akuma Layered Armor set, for example, is found in the High-Rank Event Quests. The quest SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam pits you against a Rajang and the reward is Satsui no Hado which is required to craft the said layered armor. It might take you a couple of completed hunts to get the special reward items needed to craft your sought-after layered armor.


Amiibo Rewards

Nintendo made Amiibos in 2014 for the WiiU. These collectors’ items are toy action figures with a special NFC chip inside corresponding to their character. When Monster Hunter Rise was released, Nintendo also released at the same time the Monster Hunter Rise amiibos. If you purchase them, you will get access to the amiibo-exclusive Sinister Seal set for your hunter, palico, and palamute. You only have to do this once, and you get the Layered Armors permanently.

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To unlock these amiibo layered armors, go to Kagero the merchant in the village. Select Read Amiibo then place your amiibo on top of the amiibo reader. For the joycons, this is located on the right analog stick. For the Procons, this can be found in the middle of the controller; between the “-” and the “home” button. You will hear a sound corresponding to the amiibo you scan, then the Sinister Seal set will be available to you.


There’s no crafting required. Just proceed to your item box and change your equipped Layered Armor. You can find this in the Special window. The Sinister Seal set is based on the flagship Magnamalo. You can see the complete set in the image below.


E-shop purchases

The Nintendo E-shop is full of add-on items for most games. This rings true for Monster Hunter Rise as well. Take note that any and all add-ons you can buy in the E-shop for Monster Hunter Rise are purely aesthetic and not going to help you in any way to hunt monsters.


You can purchase layered armor pieces for your hunter, palico, palamute, and even your cahoot! In addition to layered armors, you can also purchase voice-overs, hairstyles, and face paints. These are bought with real money, so prepare your credit card and go on a shopping spree because the items they have on the E-shop are just awesome.

No matter how beautiful your Layered Armors are, remember that your stats are still tied to the actual equipment you’re wearing. Kicking monster ass while looking formidable and flashy has never been so easy! Get ready to defend Kamura Village wearing your most dapper outfit yet!


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