How to Defeat the Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact



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An unintentional creation left without a name and thus became obsessed with invading worlds to make a name for itself. Its appearance is somewhat similar to that of the Rifthounds but with a serpent or dragon-like body and hidden limbs and claws.

How to Defeat the Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact

The Golden Wolflord, or the Nameless King of the Rift, as the people call it, is one of the normal bosses and is a world boss in Genshin Impact. It can be found in the southern peninsula of the mysterious Tsurumi Island.

gw map

This boss is unlocked once you can access Inazuma, and even if you have yet to remove the fog around Tsurumi Island, you can still travel to this boss’s location using your Waverider.

Special Mechanics


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When you get hit by any of the attacks that the Wolflord does, all of your characters will be inflicted with the Corrosion status. This causes all of your characters in the team to lose HP until this negative status ends its duration continuously. Also, note that shields do not block Corrosion.

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It is recommended to include at least one healer in your party when facing this boss.

Geo Damage and Resistance

The Golden Wolflord’s attacks deal Geo damage. Over time, this Geo damage will be increased while decreasing the Wolflord’s resistance to Geo attacks will also be reduced.

gw geo char

This mechanic makes Geo characters like Ningguang the best choice against this monster.

Golden Wolflord’s Attacks

This Nameless King of the Rift can make several attacks that are quite easy to dodge or avoid when you know how they work. Listed below are the attack moves that the Golden Wolflord will do.

The names of the attacks used in this guide are unofficial and are utilized for naming conventions.

Ramming Attack

The Wolflord will plunge towards you and swerve around the battle area a few times. After this, the boss will faint for a few seconds, giving you a moment to attack it.

This attack is easy to dodge as long as you keep an eye on where the Wolflord is moving towards.

Tail Sweep

This move starts with an animation where the Wolflord will curve its tail under it and then use it to strike the area below.

gw tailsweep 1

The attack has a smaller AOE, thus keeping your distance will save you from getting hit by this move.

Geo Beam

The Golden Wolflord can also do a large laser beam that will deal Geo damage.

gw geo beam

Once the monster charges and its mouth shines in gold, move to its side to avoid getting hit by the beam. After the attack, the Wolflord will faint for a few seconds, which is your time to deal damage to it.

Golden Rifthound Skulls

Aside from the 3 Gold Rifthound Skulls that help the Golden Wolflord float around, a few can also be sent as projectiles that will explode to deal Geo damage.

These projectiles move at medium speed, so dodging or running away from them will not be a problem.

Geo Tornado

When the wind accumulates as the Wolflord turns, it will spin around faster to create a Geo tornado. It will then follow you around to deal stacking damage.

You can sprint away to avoid getting hit or step out of the battle arena since it will not move out of the area.

Black Rifthound Skulls

If the Wolflord steadily floats midair and dust will build up under it, 4 Black Rifthound Skulls will be summoned around the battle area. During this state, the Wolflord will also have a shield to prevent it from taking damage.

The Black Rifthound Skulls will throw projectiles to deal damage to you.

Using elemental skills, you can break these things to send them back to the Golden Wolflord to hit it and reduce its shield’s durability. Geo attacks are far more effective in breaking the Black Rifthound Skulls, breaking the Wolford’s shield a lot faster.

Earth Dive Explosion

While Black Rifthound Skulls exist and the Wolflord has a shield active, it will perform this high damage attack.

Almost the entire battle area will be marked, and the Wolflord will dive and go underground, creating an explosion in the process. After this, smaller areas of the field will be marked to indicate that these areas will explode as the Wolflord violently resurfaces.

There is a few seconds window between the appearance of the markings and the explosion. Watch out for these and move away before the explosion to save yourself.

Dropped Materials

Defeating the Golden Wolflord will give you several rewards, including the Riftborn Regalia, random types of Prithiva Topaz, artifacts, and Mora.

Team Composition Suggestion

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  • Bring a healer to help you against the Corrosion debuff, unless you can do perfect dodges.
  • Have at least 1 Geo character to quickly destroy the Black Rifthound Skulls and take advantage of the Golden Wolflord’s reduced Geo resistance.
  • Since this boss floats around most of the time, use a bow or catalyst-wielding character as your damage-dealer so you can easily hit it.

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