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The Ingenious Machine: Marionette Swordmaster Maguu Kenki is a mechanical humanoid created by the first-generation master of a specific sword school. Thus, explaining how it looks and fights like a swordsman.

How to Defeat Maguu Kenki in Genshin Impact

This machine monster is a world boss found on one of the major islands of Inazuma, Kannnazuka.

Aside from his blade, this mechanical swordsman also uses a huge mask as a shield and a weapon. This mask is split in two and is suspended on its sides.

The Maguu Kenki will do Physical, Anemo, and Cryo elemental attacks. But, despite using two elements, this enemy is not immune to any element but will block ranged attacks by using its mask as a shield.

The good thing is, if it is doing an attack move, it cannot use the mask as a shield.

mk mask shield

This puppet swordsman machine has a couple of attack moves which are enhanced once it loses a certain amount of HP. It also has a high resistance to interruption, so saving your stamina and dodging at the perfect moment are the best tricks to defeating this monster.

maguu kenki sit

Attack Moves

Triple Sword Slash Combo

Slow attack. Physical Damage. Easy to Dodge.

Mask Attacks

Anemo Mask Thrust

Summons the mask in front and pushes it forward to deal Anemo damage. Move to the side or dodge at the right moment to avoid getting hit.

Cryo Mask Lock-On

Sends the mask parts to rotate around the target and then strike together to hit the center of the target.

This attack causes Cryo damage. Wait for the mask to turn white or Cryo before using your dodge.

Blade Attacks

Blade Thrust

Sheaths the sword as it moves back before dashing forward quickly while striking.

Blade Spinning Slash

Sheaths weapon as it charges and then makes a spinning slash attack, an easy to dodge close-ranged attack.

mk Blade Spinning Slash 2

Watch as it sheaths its sword to know if the Maguu Kenki will do the Spinning Slash and the Blade Thrust.

The attack will be a Blade Thrust if it lifts the sword over its head to do a sheathing posture. It will also take time to fully put the sword in its position before the strike, which will give you time to prepare.

Enhanced Attacks

When the Maguu Kenki’s HP is reduced to 75%, its attacks will be enhanced with Anemo and Cryo for deadlier combos. In this state, the Maguu Kenki’s sword will be infused with Anemo.

It will also have a new move that can deal significant instant damage if you are clumsy.

Enhanced Blade Thrust

This attack will start with the same animation but will deal with Anemo damage and have follow-up attacks depending on your distance after the thrust.

mk Enhanced Blade Thrust

If you are far, especially when you can dodge the thrust, the Maguu Kenki will immediately do 1 to 3 Anemo slashes. These attacks are long-range, so be sure to keep your eye on the enemy after the thrust attack.

mk Enhanced Blade Thrust ranged follow up

If you are closer to the Maguu Kenki after the thrust, the follow-up will be a combo of alternating close-ranged Anemo and Cryo slashes. This combo will be an Anemo mask attack. The combo is pretty slow, so you can easily dodge it or move away.

mk Enhanced Blade Thrust combo 5

Enhanced Spinning Slash

For this enhanced version, the attack will start with a charging animation and be followed by two elemental slashes.

mk Enhanced Spinning Slash 1

The first spinning slash is Anemo and will be in a radius close to the Maguu Kenki. This will immediately be followed by a Cryo spinning slash with a wider radius.

The trick here is to move a little far from the enemy to avoid the first slash, then quickly dash towards it to dodge the second wider slash.

New Attacks

Phantoms: Anemo & Cryo

Aside from the enhanced version of the Maguu Kenki’s set of attacks, it will have new ones when its HP is reduced.

For these attacks, it will summon either an Anemo or Cryo Phantom or even both.

Anemo Ranged Slashes

This attack will start with the Maguu Kenki swerving back or to the sides while leaving an Anemo shadow. This shadow will send an Anemo slash, followed by three Anemo slashes from the Maguu Kenki itself.

mk Anemo Ranged Slashes 1a

To avoid this, you have to prepare three dodges: one from the first slash by the Phantom and then two dodges to avoid the Maguu Kennki’s follow-up attacks.

Anemo and Cryo Spinning Slashes

For this one, the Maguu Kenki will swerve and leave a Cryo shadow. The two will charge at the same time and then make elemental spinning attacks.

mk Anemo and Cryo Spinning Slashes

The Maguu Kenki’s slash is Anemo with a small radius, while the Phantom’s is Cryo with a wider radius.

If you can, try to run away as they charge or move close to the Cryo Phantom.

Anemo and Cryo Burst

This is a wide AOE attack and is perhaps the highest damaging attack of this enemy. It will start with the Maguu Kenki summoning a second sword infused with Cryo. It will then lift both blades as well as its body as it charges for a second.

After this, the Maguu Kenki will stab the ground with both swords and release Anemo and Cryo energy around it. The area closest to the monster will deal Anemo damage, while the area away from it will cause Cryo damage.

The key to surviving this attack is to save your stamina and dodges and be patient to be able to dodge at the perfect time.

Last Tips

Since this boss enemy is not immune to any element, bring your best damage dealing or DPS character and fill the remaining party slots with support characters.

If you are not confident with your dodging skills, you can always bring at least one shielder and one healer.

Also, there is no shame in using food buffs and recovery food items to make your hunt a lot easier. Those things are there to help adventurers have a good experience of the game.

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