How to Get the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon in Destiny 2


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One of the newer quests in “Destiny 2” has introduced the rare Hawkmoon Hand Cannon, a piece returning from the original “Destiny” title. The weapon is a part of the “Season of the Hunt” seasonal rewards and was available from late 2020 when Year Four of Destiny 2 started. Players who don’t have this season unlocked will need to purchase the Year’s Deluxe Edition to access previous seasons and obtain their rewards.

How to Get the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

Here’s how you can get Hawkmoon in Destiny 2.

Obtaining the Season of the Hunt

The Hawkmoon is a weapon introduced into Destiny 2 at the beginning of season 12, called the “Season of the Hunt.” This release is the first season after a major game overhaul that started at the end of Year Three, removing many in-game campaigns to make way for new ones.


For later seasons, players need to obtain the “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deluxe Edition.” This edition gives the players access to seasons 12 through 15 (throughout the 2021 year). Otherwise, owning the Season Pass for the Season of the Hunt (Season 12) will give you access to Hawkmoon’s questline.


Getting the Hawkmoon Quest

Getting the Hawkmoon hand cannon boils down to finishing a special quest line if you have the Season Pass or the Deluxe Edition. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Get to the Tangled Shore

You’ll need to officially start the Hawkmoon quest by going to the Tangled Shore. The first step on the quest is to visit the Spider’s Lair on the shore. In there, you have to meet the Spider to get the “As the Crow Flies” quest, which is the mission that unlocks the weapon.


Step 2: Find Five Paracausal Feathers

The second part of the quest is to locate all five paracausal feathers. They are small items dispersed throughout the map. You won’t see them on the minimap, but they’ll shine when you get near them. Here are their locations:

  1. 6-The first feather is very near the Spider’s Lair. You’ll need to turn left when leaving the Lair, and a Fallen box should have a golden feather on top of it. That’s the quest item, and you need to pick it up.
  2. The second piece is in the Sludge. You can land directly to the section via the EDZ, then walk towards the center platform to easily reach the feather. The feather is near the warehouse and the entrance towards the Shard of the Traveler.
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  3. The third feather is on the Cosmodrome. Go to the Steppes landing zone and jump on the pillar on the right. The golden feather should be close to the pillar.
  4. The fourth feather is on the left side of the entrance to the Blind Well. Go to the Dreaming City via the Divalian Mists landing zone to get there.
  5. The fifth feather is located on the Eris, on Moon. Go to the Archer’s Line and step into the Shrine of Oryx. The feather is in the large round room opposite the entrance.

Once you have all five feathers, go back to the Spider’s Lair.

Step 3: Let Loose Thy Talons Quest

You’ll need to speak to Crow in the Spider’s Lair to get the next part of the quest. You’ll see the marker and requirements for the “Let Loose Thy Talons” part of the questline. Follow the instructions.

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Step 4: A Cry From Beyond Quest

The next part of the questline is to finish the “A Cry From Beyond” quest that Uldren gives you immediately after the previous one. You’ll need to return to Crow again and collect Orbs of Power.


Step 5: Orbs of Power

You generate Orbs by running your masterwork weapons and Super ability. Return to Crow after you’ve picked up all fifty Orbs.


Step 6: Trostland

Follow the quest marker to Trostland, EDZ. While going to the location, pick up feathers along the way. Unlike in Step 2, these feathers show up from a distance. Communicate with the birds there to get the last part.


Step 7: Defeat Champions or Guardians

You need to defeat champions or guardians in Gambit and Crucible locations. You’ll see a handy bar that fills with each kill, notifying you when the quest is complete.


Step 8: Go Back to Spider’s Lair

Talk to the bird in the Lair again, which unlocks the final boss of the questline. Defeating these enemies unlocks the Hawkmoon hand cannon.


Hawkmoon Unlocked in Destiny 2

The Hawkmoon hand cannon is a unique piece, boosting the final shot in the magazine as you kill or precisely hit enemies. Follow our instructions to get this weapon before the next Year begins, or you may lose your chance of obtaining this weapon for good.

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