How to Reset Infamy in Destiny 2


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In Destiny 2, players earn ranks in several progression systems, including the Infamy rank. This system is associated with playing in Gambit playlists, and increasing your Infamy rank results in several rewards. However, you’ll eventually reach the highest level and must perform a reset.

How to Reset Infamy in Destiny 2

Resetting your Infamy rank is beneficial, as it lets you earn more levels and obtain even more rewards. If you’re unsure how to reset your Infamy rank, you’ve come to the right place.

Infamy Ranks

The system has sixteen Infamy Ranks, and players rank up by earning rank points. Here are the ranks and the points required to obtain them:

  • Guardian I: 0
  • Guardian II: 250
  • Guardian III: 600
  • Brave I: 1,000
  • Brave II: 1,450
  • Brave III: 1,950
  • Heroic I: 2,500
  • Heroic II: 3,100
  • Heroic III: 3,750
  • Fabled I: 4,500
  • Fabled II: 5,350
  • Fabled III: 6,350
  • Mythic I: 7,500
  • Mythic II: 8,800
  • Mythic III: 10,300
  • Legend: 12,000
a1 3

Upon reaching Legend, players get Max Rank, requiring 15,000 rank points. It’s also at this point players can perform an Infamy Rank reset. After resetting, you can progress up from Guardian I again as often as possible within a season.

Resetting Your Infamy Rank

Resetting your Infamy rank is very simple. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Reach Max rank.
    a2 5
  2. Head to the Tower.
    a4 7
  3. Speak to the Drifter.
    a5 4
  4. Claim the Ascendant Shard or Exotic Engram from him.
    a6 2
  5. Go back to farming Gambit missions.
    a8 1

As long as you play Gambit missions frequently, you’ll gain ranks quickly. Infamy rank resets won’t go away after a season ends. It is a permanent statistic. This number will be significant for redeeming certain rewards.

Infamy Rank Rewards

Other than getting a Gambit engram each time you rank up, resetting your rank will give you some unique rewards. Here they are:

  • Trust Hand Cannon at first Infamy rank reset.
    c1 2
  • Bad Omens Rocket Launcher at second Infamy rank reset.
    c2 1
  • Furtive Ghost Shell and Ludomaniacal Emblem at third Infamy rank reset.
    c3 2
  • Bygones Kinetic Pulse Rifle, not tied to resets.
    c8 2
  • Distant Relation Solar Scout Rifle, not tied to resets.
    c4 1

Legendary Engrams, Enhancement Prisms, and more rewards as rank-up rewards. Thus, it’s profitable to farm for Infamy rank points. Playing with a team is always great, but you can invade if no one’s available.

I Want My Rocket Launcher

Getting to Max Infamy rank isn’t a walk in the park if you’re unprepared. Thankfully, the resets transcend seasons, and you can earn the rewards at your own pace. While expert players can easily reset their ranks multiple times a season, it’s better to take it easy if you can’t afford to do so.

If you get a notification about Double Infamy Week, you should play as many Gambit missions as possible. The double points will save you plenty of time. The sooner you reset ranks, the quicker you get rewards.

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