How To Destroy Anti-Aircraft Guns In Far Cry 6



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As players of Far Cry 6 have discovered, it is not easy taking down the oppressive regime of Anton Castillo. Aside from having a powerful army at his disposal, Anton also has various military bases scattered around the map. The primary military outpost you should focus on when entering a new region houses anti-aircraft guns.

How To Destroy Anti-Aircraft Guns In Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, the primary purpose of anti-aircraft guns is to prevent you from exploring the map fully from the get-go. Once you get to Libertad HQ and head to Madrugada’s first region, you can immediately access some air vehicles. It may be tempting to begin exploring the rest of Yara, but if there are anti-aircraft guns in a certain region, it is nearly impossible to fly over it peacefully.

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Understanding how to destroy these guns will make exploration easier in Far Cry 6. It will also give you some amazing rewards along the way as well.

How To Destroy Anti-Aircraft Guns

Early in the game, you will be tasked with destroying a lone anti-aircraft gun in Isla Santuario. Juan will walk you through how to destroy an anti-aircraft gun, but many may not know you can destroy this military equipment even before Libertad Rises. This prerequisite for the Libertad Rises mission allows you to get off Isla Santuario.

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Anti-aircraft bases are not as stocked with soldiers as other military outposts. A few soldiers will be inside, but they are not heavily armed. Remember that some of these bases have alarms and cameras, allowing enemies to call for backup quickly. As such, it would be wise to turn off the alarms first. Once done, kill the soldiers within the area.

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Unlike military bases, the mission does not end once you kill all soldiers. You will have to destroy the anti-aircraft guns first. You can not destroy these with your gun, but there are a few other ways to dispose of these installations.

The easiest way to do it is by using your Exterminator Supremo while facing the anti-aircraft gun. This will instantly destroy the aircraft gun. Another method is to find nearby explosive barrels and cause them to explode. While this is easy, you need to remember not all bases have these.

Another method is using your grenades or rocket launcher rounds to destroy the guns. However, we suggest the first two ways since these methods will deplete your resources.

Rewards For Destroying Anti-Aircraft Guns

When you are in restricted airspace, you will know a signal will be on your map. The best reward for destroying these weapons is to explore that region by air; otherwise, your ship will be shot down. If this happens, your best bet at survival is to get off the aircraft and then parachute or use your wingsuit to get to the ground safely.


As a bonus, you can get depleted uranium from these areas. Depleted uranium is used to unlock Supremo weapons in the game. These are the best weapons at your disposal, so it should not be surprising that they are quite hard to unlock.

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Destroying anti-aircraft guns should be one of your priorities once you reach a new region in Far Cry 6. Exploring the world is both fun and rewarding, but it is nearly impossible to explore Yara safely with these weapons in your way.

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