The Best Resolver Weapons In Far Cry 6 And How To Get Them



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There are many ways to cause havoc in Yara in Far Cry 6, but almost all use weapons. While there are regular guns in Far Cry 6, it is the Resolver Weapons you should always invest in, as these are the best weapons in the game. There are a ton of these to unlock throughout Yara, and all of them are worth getting.

The Best Resolver Weapons In Far Cry 6 And How To Get Them

Aside from having better stats, Resolver Weapons also offer unique benefits not found in other weapons. Many players will argue the best weapons are in the Resolver line, and they are not lying. In terms of pure damage and special effects alone, these are the best to collect in Far Cry 6. That being said, it is time to look at some of the best Resolver Weapons in the game.

La Varita

Many players believe La Varita is the best weapon in the game. It is a hunting rifle that can deal massive damage, so it is worth getting. When using the La Varita, it would be best to partner it with the Triador Supremo. The Triador lets you see through walls, and the La Varita enables you to shoot through walls making it a perfect match.

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The La Varita and the Triador are a part of the Triada Relics treasure hunts. This means you can get both weapons as you get Oluso – the best Amigo in the game. The La Varita is not a stealthy weapon considering it is a loud shotgun, but with its unique ability, you can safely lock yourself in a room as you shoot down enemies that charge at you through the walls.

Crackle & Pop

If you love using high fire rate weapons, you need to get the Crackle & Pop. In terms of rate of fire, this LMG is the fastest in the game and is best used against vehicles. It is also equipped with a 2x scope, so unlike other LMGs, you do not have to get too close to make it hit more. It is the best LMG in the game because of its range advantage.

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To get the Crackle & Pop, you will have to go to Esperancze first. Specifically, the El Rayo Cinema, which is in the northwest area of the city center. Climb the ladder on the side of the building that is east of the cinema. There will be a weapon chest on top of that building that houses the Crackle & Pop.

El Muro

The El Muro is one of the most underrated guns in the game. It may look like a pistol, but in reality, it is a snub-nosed shotgun that can one-shot enemies. The drawback to the El Muro is it takes a while to reload and only has five shots at total capacity. However, the El Muro makes up for all of this in raw power and a handy shield that comes up when you aim down your weapon.

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You can unlock the El Muro once you reach Rank 3. Go to Juan, and you can purchase the El Muro from him immediately. It is a handy weapon that can get you through the early parts of the game, so it would be good to invest in this weapon early on.


The Supercharger is arguably the best shotgun in Far Cry 6 currently. One of the unique things about it is it comes equipped with a suppressor. Of course, it deals heaps worth of damage up close. Even with the damage decrease caused by the suppressor, the Supercharger can still one-shot enemies in the game.

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You can get the Supercharger by first heading to the GDP Oil Platform, located in the northwesternmost corner of the map. Inside the area is a control room that is located in the southwest corner. Press the red button inside the control room to activate a crane that reveals a path to a container entrance. Search inside the container for the Supercharger.

El Tirano

If you are the type of player that likes to take out enemies from afar, then the El Tirano might be the best weapon for you. What the El Tirano lacks in stealth, it makes up for with its massive damage and 10x scope. It lacks in stealth because the El Tirano cannot be equipped with any suppressor. Even if its range is impressive, enemies are still going to track you easily. To cap it all off, the El Tirano has armor-piercing rounds. It is the only sniper with this bonus.

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You can get the El Tirano if you head to the Escila Fort inside the northernmost point of Valle De Oro. Rappel yourself up the lighthouse, and the El Tirano will be there for the taking.

Resolver Weapons are something that Anton Castillo and his army would not want to mess with. If you want to make sure your time in Yara is fun and unique, make sure to get these Resolver Weapons as soon as you can. They are worth the trouble and investment, but most importantly, they make taking down the oppressive regime easier.

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