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Ubisoft is back at it again with their wacky antics and memorable villains in the latest installment of the Far Cry series. Far Cry 6 drops you into the fictional Caribbean nation of Yara, which is currently in turmoil. Just like its predecessors, Far Cry 6 is both challenging and fun.

Beginner Tips And Tricks For Far Cry 6

There are many things newcomers should know before playing Far Cry 6. You might want to remember some things when fighting through Yara and with wacky allies. Knowing these special tips will help get you through the early challenging parts of the game.

Scout Military Bases Well

There will be countless military bases scattered around Yara. These are very challenging areas in the game, but the good news is you can take out these bases in many ways. Taking over each is essential as it helps you take over the region and rewards you with fantastic loot.

Instead of diving deep into these bases, you should first take the high ground and scout the location using your phone. Besides looking at what type of enemies are there, you should also look for alarms and cameras. Enemies will turn these on once they know you are trespassing. While the alarm continues to ring, you will face waves of enemies.

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If you have a sniper rifle with a muzzle suppressor, you can take out cameras and alarms without setting foot inside the bases. Once you have taken care of these, go in guns blazing if you want to, as their backup will no longer arrive.

Keep One Of Each Ammo Type In Your Inventory At All Times

Far Cry 6 introduces an array of special ammo, each with benefits. In previous games, you had to worry about carrying the specific ammo type for your gun. You also have to worry about the type of ammo you carry because some are more useful against specific enemies than others.

There are six ammo types in the game, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Standard rounds: Standard rounds are military-grade ammo that offers no significant advantage against enemies.
  • Soft target rounds – Soft target rounds deal higher damage against unarmored enemies but lower damage than armored enemies.
  • Armor-piercing rounds – Armor-piercing rounds are high-velocity ammo that deals higher damage against enemies with armor.
  • Poison rounds – Poison rounds are low-damage ammo but deal poison damage to enemies over time. Perfect for enemies with high HP.
  • Blast rounds – Blast rounds deal high damage to vehicles. However, they deal very low damage to everything else that you fight.
  • Incendiary rounds – Incendiary rounds deal low damage but can set enemies on fire. The fire can spread if other enemies are too close and deal fire damage over time.

Since you will face many enemies in Far Cry 6, it would be wise to always carry all ammo types with you. Guns will be your primary weapon in the game, and adapting to situations is very important. Keep in mind enemies will use this ammo as well. If you die, check which ammo type the enemy is using so you can adjust accordingly.

That being said, make sure you are equipped well for a fight. Wear armor that fits the occasion so that you do not die quickly.

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Your Pets Get Lost Easily, So Keep Track Of Them

Aside from people, pet allies can also accompany you in Far Cry 6. They are helpful in many ways, but most importantly, they help you during intense firefights. However, you may not notice early on that your pets will often go missing in the game.

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Aside from dying, they will also lose track of you as you travel from zone to zone. Do not worry too much if this happens. It takes a quick resummon from your menu to have them back at your side. This can often occur in the game, and there will be areas where you can not resummon them. As such, keep track of them most of the time.

Learn To Holster Your Weapon

Most of the time, you will be walking around hostile territory. However, you can avoid initiating fights with enemy forces by holstering your weapon. This is an important tactic if you do not want to fight with enemy forces.

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In previous Far Cry games, this was not possible. You often had no choice but to fight enemies when they spotted you. Holstering is an important stealth element in the game, as it allows you to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Look For Smoke

As you travel around Yara, you will soon notice there will be many places where there is orange smoke. This is a supply drop from the enemy. Going towards the smoke and stealing the supply drop is a good idea, as it rewards you handsomely.

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Be careful, though. Where there is smoke, there is fire. You will have to defend yourself against enemy forces if you try and steal a supply drop. It will be worth it if you win and steal their supplies.

Parkour Your Way Around

You can get around Yara in many ways, but surprisingly, one of the best ways is through parkouring.  One of the armor sets that you can get early in the game can easily increase your stamina and movement speed. This will make it easier for you to get around the world.

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Cars are always available, but some roads do not permit driving, aside from being loud. Helicopters are acquired late in the game but are not as stealthy as other transportation forms.

You should also consider getting the fast travel access point upgrade on your base. This will unlock various fast travel waypoints around the map, significantly reducing your time traveling the world.

Go Chest Hunting

There will be an assortment of things to collect in the game, but the one thing you should always keep an eye out for is chests. These will contain various resource materials you need for upgrades, and NPCs can point you in their direction.

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Some chests will be deep within enemy bases, and some will be scattered around the map. If you die after opening a chest inside an enemy base, everything inside the chest is given to you automatically. That means you no longer have to clear out the area.

Upgrade Guerilla Fighters First

In Far Cry 6, you will have your base, which you can upgrade as you progress with the game. It can be tough picking which upgrades to choose from, considering how many are in the game. However, if you want to ensure that your future firefights will be easier, go for Guerilla Fighter upgrades.

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These are the most expensive types of upgrades in the game. However, they are also the most important ones. What it does is equip all NPCs on the map with better weapons. This means they can fight alongside you if a clash happens.

Far Cry 6 can be a challenging shooter for the uninitiated. With these tips, the game will be easier to handle. It is a wild and wacky game that deserves a lot of praise. Still, making the game easier on your end is much easier, so you enjoy it even further.

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