Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items (January 17)


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Diablo Immortal fans are getting another set of Legendary Items to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Diablo Immortal: 36 New Legendary Items (January 17)

Diablo Immortal Season 8 saw the arrival of three new Hell Difficulties in Hell VI, Hell VII, and Hell VIII. With the new Hell difficulties come new challenges as players prepare to face enemies that are much stronger than they have ever been in-game.

To aid with players with the struggle of keeping up with the new Hell Difficulties, Blizzard has released a new set of 36 Legendary Items in the recent Content Update dubbed Tong-Shi’s Renewal, which aim to help players deal with enemies from Hell VI and beyond.

We have listed all 36 Legendary Items and their effects in this guide.


The new Legendary Items for the Barbarian class are focused on the Barbarian’s Wrath of the Berserker and Whirlwind abilities. Bleed effects are accentuated as well to give the Barbarian class even more damage.

  • Bitterwind (Main Hand): Whirlwind becomes imbued with wind power and deals increased damage. Movement Speed reduction is also removed.
  • Horns of Harrogath: Slaying enemies while in Wrath of the Berserker will increase damage dealt by 1% for six seconds. Maximum of 10%.
  • Loathsome Lamina (Shoulders): Activating Wrath of the Berserker will grant you a shield that absorbs incoming damage.
  • Manifold Gore (Chest): For each enemy inflicted with Bleed, Whirlwind will gain 10% more damage. Maximum of 30%.
  • Ram’s Impasse (Pants): Furious Charge maximum charge increased to two and now allows you to drag enemies with you.
  • Sundered Legacy (Off-Hand): Wrath of the Berserker has a chance to cause Burn to nearby enemies.


The devs are looking to increase the Crusader class’ Primary Attack damage and in improving Condemn’s secondary effects.

  • Akarat’s Rebuke (Chest): Condemn now fills your soul with Valor’s Retribution for six seconds, causing your Primary Attacks to unleash lightning bolts that deal damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Akkhan’s Glory (Shoulders): Increases Falling Sword damage by 10%.
  • Ammonis Cornua (Head): Shield Charge grants 10% increased damage that lasts three seconds.
  • Blinding Wall (Off-Hand): Condemn releases a bright light that Blinds enemies for one second.
  • Cuisse of Scorn (Pants): Condemn will deal 10% more damage for each harmful effect the enemy suffers from. Maximum of 30%.
  • Horn Splitter (Main Hand): Sacred Fire ignites enemies and Burns them for two seconds.

Demon Hunter

Knife Trap and Knockback Shot are given additional effects and damage, respectively. Meanwhile, Daring Swing gains bonus Movement Speed buffs.

  • Hawra’s Heave-Under (Head): Daring Swing will increase Movement Speed by 30% for three seconds.
  • The Potboiler (Pants): Improves Knife Trap trap durability when you take damage.
  • Preferred Instrument (Off-Hand): Using Knockback Shot will increase your damage by 10% for three seconds.
  • Razorflight (Main Hand): Adds a charge effect to Impale and adds the ability to throw multiple knives simultaneously.
  • Reverberant Doublet (Chest): Knockback Shot arrows immobilize enemies.
  • Shredbank (Shoulders): Increases Knife Trap damage by 20% when enemies are suffering loss of control.


The devs look to improve the Monk’s combo damage output by buffing Deadly Reach’s damage potential and by giving Mystic Strike the ability to deal bonus damage when stringing together multple skills.

  • Arc of the Ascendants (Main Hand): Adds 25% chance for Deadly Reach to make enemies vulnerable and increase their damage taken by 10% for two seconds.
  • Fate Alight (Shoulders): Mystic Strike will cause your next skill used to deal 30% more damage. Has a four-second window.
  • Gergel’s Familiarity (Pants): Mystic Strike will summon an allied spirit that will change forward and inflict damage and slow all enemies along its path.
  • Ordered Obsidian (Chest): Wave Strike deals 20% increased damage to enemies if they are suffering from loss of control.
  • Resurgency (Head): Mystic Allies duration will increase by 0.4 seconds for every enemy defeated. Maximum of four seconds.
  • Willbillow (Off-Hand): Wave Strike unleashes an energy blast that damages all enemies in an area.


Grim Scythe has been given powerful damage buffs, while Command Golem can now split debuff durations.

  • Black Cavalcade (Shoulders): Skeletal Mage damage will increase by 5% for every enemy defeated. Maximum of 30%.
  • Filth Spurns Squalor (Chest): Bone Wall will now place a larger ethereal wall that damages enemies and slows them continually.
  • Grave Cutter: (Main Hand): Grim Scythe will slice enemies in front of you several times. The final swing will inflict Bleed.
  • Greathelm of Deflection (Head): Command Golem becomes linked, splitting harmful effects between you and the Golem.
  • Ravening Silence (Pants): Using Grim Scythe will trigger all continual damage on affected targets, causing them to take any remaining damage.
  • Spite-Fetor: (Off-Hand): Soulfire has a 25% chance to explode on hit and deal damage and inflict Burn to nearby enemies.


The Wizard is given powerful electric attacks that aim to buff the Wizard’s Primary Attack Speed.

  • Charged Stigma (Off-Hand): Electrocute will increase your Primary Attack Speed by 6% for two seconds. Maximum of five times.
  • Crushing Weight (Head): Using Teleport will increase your damage by 10% for three seconds.
  • Galebrinde (Shoulders): Ice Armor will give your Primary Attacks a 40% Movement Speed slow on affected enemies for three seconds.
  • Novel Castigation (Pants): Arcane Torrent will now fire homing missiles that seek out enemies.
  • Ol’ Rustic (Staff): Lightning Nova will increase your Primary Attack by 30%. Lasts three seconds.
  • Rampant and Inscrutable: Lightning Nova will spawn an orbiting lightning orb that fires chain lightning at targets when you attack using your Primary Attack.

Legendary Warrior

The 36 Legendary Items featured above are truly endgame-class gear that only players deep into the game can afford or acquire later in Diablo Immortal. All 36 Legendaries are only available in difficulties Hell VI and above, and serve as “rewards to strive towards as they (players) move upward in Hell Difficulty.” according to the devs.

With that said, the 36 Legendary Items featured in the latest Content Update should give all six classes a newfound source of much-needed power to tackle the challenges waiting in Hell VI and beyond.

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