Diablo Immortal: How to Change Character Name


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There’s a big chance you’ll meet someone with the same name as yours with all these server mergers.

Diablo Immortal: How to Change Character Name

With multiple servers and currently insufficient players, Diablo Immortal devs saw it fit to introduce server mergers for all regions in-game. These server mergers will see multiple servers per region combined into bigger servers in groups of four, which Blizzard hopes will increase population density and improve party search times for all players.

These server mergers mean that you and other players from a different server can now see each other in-game, which also introduces the chance for some players to meet players with the same character names as theirs. Some think that’s cool, but others will cringe at the idea.

To compensate for this, Blizzard has given all players with similar names in the same server a free name change in-game so that players can swap out their current character names for something a bit less common in their current server.

Where to Find the Name Change option in Diablo Immortal

  1. The name change option is quite hidden from plain sight. To find it, you must tap on your character icon in the top left corner of the screen and tap on the button with the three dots to find the name change option.
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2. Tap on the “Service” drop-down menu:

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3. Tap on “Change Name.”

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Name Change Requirements

The name change feature is accessible to all Diablo Immortal players, but you must complete the in-game requirement before the feature is made available to you.

The good news is that all players will likely be able to unlock the feature before they even arrive in Westmarch since the name change feature only requires players to reach Level 10 and complete the main quest in Wortham.

Each name change will cost 300 Eternal Orbs. However, as mentioned previously, players with the same name will be given a free name change.

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Final Thoughts

Having a catchy and memorable in-game name is important in Diablo Immortal. After all, you would not want to become a well-known player on your server while rocking a character name you got from a random username generator online.

Fortunately, changing your character’s name in Diablo Immortal is very easy, and you can swap out your name as often as you would like as long as you have enough Eternal Orbs to fund the name change.


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