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Someone took the time to develop a free Diablo Immortal Rift Simulator so players can get a good idea of how much they need to spend before they land a 5-star Legendary Gem.

Diablo Immortal: Legendary Gem Cost Calculator

Diablo Immortal faced backlash from die-hard Diablo fans due to the Game’s blatant pay-to-win loot box system, which could see players spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before getting a decent Legendary Gem in-game.

Legendary Gems are supplemental gems that can either increase the player’s stats or give the player additional special abilities. Either way, Legendary Gems are the most sought-after items in Diablo Immortal, as these gems offer powerful bonuses that can increase the player’s power levels in both PvE and PvP.

Are you curious how much you might spend before landing your first 5-star Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal? Read on.

Legendary Gem Drop Chance

The whole pay-to-win fiasco is centered around the ridiculous Legendary Gem drop rates in Diablo Immortal, which we have listed in our Diablo Immortal: How to Get Legendary Gems and Pay-to-win Explained article. TL;DR: Players could spend upwards of $10,000 and not land a single 5-star Legendary Gem in the process.

Below is a list of Legendary Gem drop rates for all Legendary Gem tiers in Diablo Immortal:

  • 1-Star Legendary Gem – 75%
  • 2-Star Legendary Gem – 20%
  • 2-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 3.75%
  • 3-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 1%
  • 4-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 0.2%
  • 5-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 0.05%

Twitch Streamer Quin69 went on a Diablo Immortal spending spree to find out how much he would have to spend to acquire just one 5-star Legendary Gem.

After $25,165.57 in New Zealand greens (around USD 15,000), Quin finally got the 5-Star Legendary Gem, Echoing Shade.

Thanks to streamers such as Quin69, mere mortals can get a good idea of how much money is needed to land even just one 5-star Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal.

However, that number will look very different from one player to another. And while Quin69 only spent $15,000 to land his first 5-star Legendary Gem, your actual numbers could vary greatly. This is where the handy $25 Rift Simulator comes in.

What does the $25 Rift Simulator do?

dimi777’s $25 Rift Simulator takes every Legendary Gem tier’s drop rate and calculates just how much money Diablo Immortal users need to spend before they land their first 5/5 Legendary Gem.

Users can choose one of two options to calculate USD Spent on the $25 Rift Simulator. The first button can give users a rough idea of the kinds of Legendary Gems they will be able to acquire with $25. The second button is arguably the most exciting feature, as it calculates the rough costs of landing a 5-star Legendary Gem.

Lastly, there’s a nifty drop rate calculator on the upper right corner of the website that shows users the actual drop rates involved in acquiring a 5-star Legendary Gem.

We tried out the $25 Rift Simulator to calculate the cost of a 5/5 gem and landed the following Legendary Gems, among many others.

image 260

The total number of Legendary Gems dropped in our two runs was 2670. And we “spent” just USD 6,675 total.

  • 1-star Legendary Gems – 1951
  • 2-Star Legendary Gem – 528
  • 2-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 148
  • 3-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 35
  • 4-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 6
  • 5-Star Legendary Gem in a 5-star capped Crest – 2

Our total amount spent on the $25 Rift Calculator seems a pretty low number compared to real-world examples such as Quin69’s $15,000 Legendary Gem run, but spending $6,675 on a game in itself is already ridiculous. And get this – six grand only net us two 5/5 Legendary Gems in dimi777’s nifty calculator.

We’re not entirely sure how dimi777’s $25 Rift Calculator’s numbers line up with actual drop rates, so take these results with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, you can test your luck in Legendary Gems with dimi777’s $25 Rift Simulator.

RNG is the name of the Game

Blizzard took the word legendary way too seriously in Diablo Immortal. Players have no choice but to pray their bank accounts somehow live to tell the tale as they prepare to cough up thousands of dollars to get their first Legendary Gem in-game.

Fortunately, dimi777’s simple $25 Rift Calculator can give Diablo Immortal players a rough idea of the costs involved in trying to acquire Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal without having to spend a single penny in the process.

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