Diablo Immortal: All Legendary Gems List


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Are you wondering what those Legendary Gems can do for your favorite characters in Diablo Immortal? We list every Legendary Gem and its ability bonuses in this guide.

Diablo Immortal: All Legendary Gems List

Ah, the Diablo Immortal Legendary Gem. Underneath its shimmering and shining glaze, this fabled Gem is the highlight of any negative review about the newest installment in the Diablo franchise.

In MMORPG, Gems have always given characters and players bonuses or special abilities that enhance the player’s stats to make them stronger. But rarely do gems in video games feel like actual valuable rare stones – that is until Diablo Immortal came out.

You have probably already read about the backlash about the game being pay-to-win yadda, but that is not what we are here for today. We have listed all the Legendary Gems and the special bonuses and abilities these Gems provide in this guide.

Legendary Gems

We have a guide up on PlayerAssist where we briefly touched on how players can acquire Legendary Gems. (Spoiler Alert: You must spend money to get more valuable ones!)

While the pay-to-win fiasco is unfortunate for both Blizzard and its Diablo franchise, Legendary Gems are still the core of Diablo Immortal’s Endgame content. Without Legendary Gems, players cannot acquire the most potent weapons and armor in the game.

Below is the entire list of all Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal and their bonuses/effects.

All Legendary Gems List

Berserker’s EyeIncreases outgoing in incoming damage dealt.
Respite StoneDecreases damage taken as HP drops closer to zero.
Nightmare WreathIncreases the chance of other enemies fleeing after defeating an enemy.
Bloody ReachIncreases damage the farther you are from the target.
Lightning CorePrimary Attacks and player movement charge electricity. It can be released as chain lightning.
The HungerDefeating enemies heals you for a percentage of your base damage.
Follower’s BurdenIncreases damage based on summons controlled.
BattleguardDamage taken from nearby enemies is reduced.
Unity CrystalThe party takes less damage based on each player’s distance from one another. Closer = takes less damage.
Cutthroat’s GrinAttacking from behind increases the Critical Hit chance.
Trickshot GemChanneling abilities consume less energy.
Mocking LaughterForces non-elite monsters to attack you.
Freedom and DevotionIncreases Summon duration.
Everlasting TormentCritical Hits inflict Agony – deal extra damage over time.
Zod StoneIncreases Ultimate Skill duration.
Ca’arsen’s InvigorationIncreases Attack Speed.
Pain of SubjugationEnemies suffering from loss of control will take extra damage.
Defiant SoulDeals splash damage to nearby enemies whenever the player blocks an attack.
The Black RoseTaking damage summons vines that immobilize attackers.
Power and CommandAlternate between two states:
Power state – Increases Primary Attack Damage
Command state – Increases Skill Damage
Chained DeathAttack damage stacks based on the number of hits.
Seled’s WeakeningIncreases damage when defeating an elite monster.
Fervent FangDamage dealt towards an enemy increases the damage they take by 0.80% per attack for a maximum of 8% (10 stacks)
Blessing of the Worthy20% chance to unleash retribution on all nearby enemies when taking damage. Damage dealt is equal to 12% of your max HP. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
Blood-soaked JadeIncreases damage dealt by 8% and movement speed by 10%. Minimum of 4% bonus damage. The lower your current HP, the less bonus damage you deal.
Bottled HopeBuff abilities increase the target’s damage and movement speed by 8.00% for 6-seconds. Has a 20-second cooldown.
Chip of Stoned FleshApplying loss of control on enemies will inflict an explosive curse on the target. After a brief countdown, the curse explodes, and the target receives explosive damage equal to 45% of all damage taken while in a cursed state. Maximum 150% based damage. Has a 20-second cooldown.
Echoing ShadeAttacks give a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone for 8-seconds. Shadow Clone receives some of the player’s abilities.
Howler’s CallPrimary Attacks have a 10% chance of summoning a spirit wolf that inflicts 150% base damage + 1458 damage to all enemies along its charge path. Has a cooldown of 20-seconds.
Phoenix AshesIt prevents fatal damage and grants a shield for 6-seconds that absorbs incoming damage equal to 450% of your base damage. Has a 180-second cooldown.
Seeping BileAttacks have a 4% chance of inflicting a poison debuff on enemies. Deals 25% base damage + 263 damage every second for 6-seconds. If the infected unit dies, nearby enemies will receive the same debuff. Has a cooldown of 20-seconds between units.
Zwenson’s HauntingAfter defeating an enemy, the player summons a dark beast that attacks nearby enemy units. Deals 50% base damage _ 486 damage to all nearby enemies. Has a cooldown of 6-seconds.

Valuable Gemstones

As you can see from the list above, Legendary Gems provide awesome buffs and upgrades to your characters in Diablo Immortal. Whether these Legendary Gems are worth the reported thousands of dollars players eventually have to spend to acquire them or not will be up to the die-hard Diablo fans out there.

With that said, we hope that you found this Legendary Gem guide for Diablo Immortal useful.

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