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Buy and sell valuable gems and stones.

Diablo Immortal: Market Guide

In your daily runs through Diablo Immortal’s dungeons, Elder Rifts, and Challenge Rifts, you’re bound to end up with tons of items that will end up gathering dust in your inventory. Unlike Gear, which you can salvage for crafting materials and other valuable loot, more valuable items such as Legendary Gems can only really be recycled through the Marketplace.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Market in Diablo Immortal in this guide.

Where to find the Market in Diablo Immortal

The Market is located in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. This location is also known as Wynton’s Grand Market, where you will find Dya, the Market NPC.

Before you can access Dya’s Market and all the services she offers, you will need to reach at least level 25 first.

What can you Buy or Sell from the Market in Diablo Immortal

Generally, you can buy or sell three different types of items on the Marketplace in Diablo Immortal – Legendary Gems, Gems, and Skill Stones. All three item types can only be purchased and sold with Platinum.


The first option that you will see in the Market is the Watchlist tab, which features the hottest items currently on sale on the Market.

The Watchlist tab can give you a good idea about which items other players think are of good value.

Legendary Gems

In the Legendary Gems tab in the Marketplace, you will find all Legendary Gems that currently exist in the game sold in various rarities and ranks.

Just below the Legendary Gems’ name, you will find the rarity available for the currently listed Legendary Gems, followed by the quantity available, and how many of the listed Legendary Gems are not yet available for purchase. Typically, you will find multiple 1-star and 2-star Legendary Gems and some Legendary Gems with random rarity.

If you want to sell some of your Legendary Gems, just make sure they are of the unbound variety or ones that you acquired from crafting at the Apprentice Jeweler or from Elder Rifts by using Eternal Legendary Crests. Legendary Gems that were previously socketed will convert them into Bound Gems, making them unsellable on the Market.

Normal Gems

Under the Gems tab in the Marketplace, Gems of all varieties will be listed according to their ranks. Simply click on your desired Gem type and the rank you want to purchase to see the list of options for sale.

Like Legendary Gems, however, only unbound Normal Gems can be sold in the Market, which includes gems acquired from killing monsters in Dungeons while part of a party of 4-members. Socketing Normal Gems will turn them into Bound Gems and make them ineligible for sale in the Market.

Skill Stones

Unlike Legendary Gems and Gems, Skill Stone prices can vary greatly from one listing to another in the Market. This is because every Skill Stone will offer a different set of skills from another, making some less valuable than others.

In the Skill Stones tab, there is an option that allows you to filter through classes and specific skills that you want to find in a Skill Stone, which should help you find the correct Skill Stone faster in the Market.

How to Sell Items on the Market

To start selling items on the Market, tap on Dya and tap on the “Services” button.

Tap on the “Sell” tab:

Items that are eligible for sale on the Market will show up in the right-side pane of the Sell menu:

From there, simply enter your desired sell price (the recommended selling price is a good start).

When selling, the Market will take a 15% cut from your listing price, and the Market will charge you some gold for your listings as well.

Market Conditions

Other things to take note of when buying or selling items in the Market include:

  • Holding Period/Listing Period
  • Selling Price
  • Item Lock-in Period

Holding Period/Listing Period

Putting your items for sale in the Market does not mean that other players can immediately purchase them. Legendary Gems and Skill Stones will be subject to a holding period of 12 hours before the listed item officially goes on sale.

While this might seem like a hassle if you’re trying to sell those Legendary Gems as quickly as possible, this allows other players to see and add your items to their watchlists. Think of it as pre-selling, in a way.

As soon as your item goes on sale, it will only be listed for up to 48 hours. Unsold items will be returned to the owner after the 48-hour window is up.

Selling Price

As soon as you try and put up an item for sale, the Market will give you a recommended selling price based on the market value for similar Legendary Gems/Normal Gems.

You can go above or below this recommended price, but the Market will keep you within a price floor and ceiling depending on the item you want to sell.

Lock-in Period

Items purchased from the Market will be locked to the player’s character for seven days to prevent players from using the Market to make a quick buck from trading. This will make the item unsellable during the entire duration.

Only after the 7-day lock-in period is up will you be able to sell the item you purchased back on the Market.

Market Day

Buying and selling items at the Market can be a great way of repurposing Legendary Gems, Gems, and Skills Stones you acquire in-game. With the Platinum you earn from selling, you can purchase any of the items featured in the Market or use the currency for something worth your while in the in-game Store.

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