Diablo Immortal: New Set Items and Legendary Gems


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New Set Items and Legendary Gems to celebrate Season 5.

Diablo Immortal: New Set Items and Legendary Gems

Diablo Immortal Season 5 will bring in a ton of new content and events that will keep a ton of Diablo players up at night for the next few weeks.

Fans are getting a number of Warband-centric changes with Castle Cyrangar, Defense of Cyrangar game mode, and Ancestral Weapons. In addition, a new dungeon named Silent Monastery has been added to the game as well. Blizzard also threw in a new Helliquary Raid Boss, as well as a revamped Hungering Moon event among many other limited-time events.

To cap things off, Blizzard also announced the arrival of new Set Items and Legendary Gems for Season 5, which we will go through in this article.

New Season 5 Set Items: Gloomguide’s Prize

The new Set Items, Gloomguide’s Prize, will be centered around Dash skills. Depending on which Set Item you can get your hands on, using Dash skills with any of the new Set Items equipped will increase your character’s damage, Critical Hit Chance, or add a unique effect.

Gloomguide’s Prize (2-Piece Bonus)

Increases your damage done by 15% for three seconds after using a Dash skill.

Gloomguide’s Prize (4-Piece Bonus)

Increases your Critical Hit Chance by 22.5% for three seconds after using a Dash skill.

Gloomguide’s Prize (6-piece Bonus)

Unleashes a wave of terror when your Dash skill ends dealing X damage and causing nearby enemies to flee in Fear for three seconds. The wave of terror will only trigger when enemies are nearby but cannot occur more often than every 40 seconds.

New Season 5 Legendary Gems

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Season 5 brings in three new Legendary Gems that should give players more options in terms of builds according to Blizzard themselves:

Legendary Gems are a core part of any player’s character, and we want to continually provide more options over time that enable players to choose how they modify their builds. These new Legendary Gems have a lot of general applications, and we cannot wait to see how players integrate them into their builds.

Blizzard Devs

Blessed Pebble (One Star Legendary Gem)

Increases the duration of beneficial effect on you by 12% and increases your Movement Speed by 8% for the three seconds after gaining a beneficial effect.

The Abiding Curse (Two Star Legendary Gem)

Your Attacks have a 15% chance to curse enemies, reducing their Attack and Movement speeds by 35% for eight seconds. Cursed enemies also take 10% increased damage from your attacks. Cannot curse the same target more than once every 20 seconds.

Frozen Heart (Five Star Legendary Gem)

When you take damage, activate a Frigid Shield for six seconds that Chills enemy attackers and absorbs damage equal to 360% of your base damage plus 1458. Frigid Shield also grants your attacks a 60% chance to Chill enemies. Cannot gain Frigid Shield more than once every 20 seconds.

Legendary Relics

Diablo Immortal is pretty much still in its early stages as the Forgotten Nightmares major patch marks the first of many major updates to come in the future.

Players can expect to see new content, events, Set Items, and Legendary Gems, among many others, in the coming months. For now, Diablo Immortal fans will be busy grinding out their Season 5 Battle Pass and exploring all that Season 5 has to offer.

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