Diablo Immortal: Officer Hagan Boss Guide


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The Purple Undead Monster is still standing guard for the Mad King.

Diablo Immortal: Officer Hagan Boss Guide

The Exploration Achievements found in the Codex feature additional objectives you can complete for Hilts. There are several Exploration Achievements for each zone in Diablo Immortal, ranging anywhere from 4-8 Achievements per zone and each with varying objectives that players can complete anytime.

A Zone Achievement called Officer Hagan features one of the highest Hilts rewards for any zone achievement in Diablo Immortal. Here’s how you can find the boss, the rewards you can expect, and how you can beat the boss in-game.

How to Find Officer Hagan


Officer Hagan can be found just north of Ashwold Manor. A good landmark to find Officer Hagan faster is to use the Mad King’s Breach Waypoint and make your way to the bottom of the steps. This is where Officer Hagan typically spawns.

However, Officer Hagan is a limited-time event, which means you’ll need to wait and hang around the area to find him. Keep an eye out for the pop-up that says “New Event” which will show up on your screen when Officer Hagan finally spawns in the area.

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In the meantime, you can kill time by slaying the monsters found in the area. Don’t stray away too far from Officer Hagan’s spawn point, so you can easily spot him when he finally spawns in the area.

Officer Hagan Rewards


Defeat Officer Hagan four times and you’ll complete the Officer Hagan Exploration Achievement in the Codex. This achievement will give you 100 Hilts as a reward.

On top of the Hilts reward, you can expect to get a chest full of rewards after you beat Officer Hagan, which can include loot such as Enchanted Dust and random Gear.

Officer Hagan Boss Fight Guide


Despite being a purple, limited-time monster, Officer Hagan is just a powered-up Royal Shield Bearer. Expect a shield charge move that will leave you stunned, an orbiting laser beam, and other random moves whenever he casts a spell.

Like the normal Royal Shield Bearer, Officer Hagan will have four shields that block incoming damage. Fortunately, these shields do not regenerate, but you need to deal damage to Officer Hagan a few times to bring down the shields.

Depending on your level, Officer Hagan can have quite a bit of HP. While he is quite easy to take down alone, welcoming other players’ help will speed up the process.

Try to keep the fight close to the steps leading to the Mad King’s Breach Waypoint. This way, you avoid attracting other monsters in the area into the fight.

Sworn Loyalty to the Mad King

You can get a decent amount of loot from defeating Officer Hagan in Diablo Immortal. Defeat him four times to check off the Officer Hagan Exploration Achievement from the Codex and get a decent amount of Hilts as a reward.

You’ll have to wait quite a while before he spawns in Ashwold Cemetery, though. Fortunately, the fight will be effortless, and the random loot drops from defeating Officer Hagan will be worth the wait.

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