GTA 5: Grass Roots – The Pickup Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin delivers some goods for Barry.

GTA 5: Grass Roots - The Pickup Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Throughout GTA 5, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor will have random encounters with a middle-aged marijuana legalization activist named Barry. Grass Roots – The Pickup is the second mission in Strangers & Freaks involving Franklin and Barry.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Grass Roots – The Pickup and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Grass Roots – The Pickup Synopsis

Franklin receives a text from Barry asking him to pick up a truck loaded with marijuana from a lumberyard on El Rancho Boulevard. Franklin heads to the assigned location and searches for the truck as per Barry’s instruction.

Once Franklin finds the truck, he gives Barry a call to let him know that he has found it. Barry asks Franklin to deliver the truck to his apartment in Vespucci within the next few hours and to be careful as Barry’s been told the cops have been snooping around the area.

Franklin successfully delivers the truck to Barry’s apartment in Vespucci without alerting the cops and gives Barry a call to let him know the job is done.

Grass Roots – The Pickup Gold Medal Objectives

image 152
  • Time: Complete within 2:45
  • Unwanted Outcome: Complete without garnering a wanted level

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Grass Roots – The Pickup Mission Guide

Head to this parking lot in Murrieta Heights. Look for a green truck in one of the trailer parks.

image 153
image 154

Get in the truck but do not follow the yellow waypoint. Refer to the alternate directions below to avoid alerting the cops.

image 155
image 156

Make the first right out of the parking lot then turn left.

image 157

You will find this parking lot with the Jetsam container van. Drive through the barrier and make your way towards the back area of the parking lot.

image 158

Break through this barrier but do it in a way that allows the truck to fall down gently.

image 159

Cross the storm drain and drive along the right-side pathway.

image 160
image 161

Take the first right then cross the steel bridge.

image 162

Keep going straight after the bridge then merge into traffic like normal. You can now follow the yellow waypoint all the way to the target location.

image 169
image 164
image 165
image 166

Park the truck in the yellow marker then exit the truck immediately to save time. Move away from the area as quickly as you can to end the mission.

image 167
image 170

Beating Around The Bush

With the delivery complete, Barry is now one step closer to The Smoke-In, but there are still a few more preparations to make before The Smoke-In is green-lit.

Getting a Gold Medal in Grass Roots – The Pickup isn’t easy especially if you plan on taking the normal route. To get Gold in this mission, you need to take the back alley route through the Los Santos Storm Drain to avoid the LSPD. Follow the directions above to complete the Unwanted Outcome Gold Medal objective. Taking the Storm Drain route will shorten your travel time and hit the Time objective as well.

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