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Quelling Demons is more fun with friends.

Diablo Immortal: Party Finder Guide

When starting in Diablo Immortal, you will mostly do quests and other main storyline tasks alone.

Still, as soon as you get to Westmarch, you can join other players and work with them to complete challenges such as Dungeons and Elder Rifts.

You’ll need to know how to use the Party Finder in Diablo Immortal to do this. Lucky for you, we have a detailed guide below on how you can do just that.

What is the Party Finder in Diablo Immortal?

The Party Finder is a group-up system that lets you search for or join other players looking to partake in a specific activity in Diablo Immortal.

Through Party Finder, you can join three other players and engage in Hidden Lair runs, Dungeon runs, Elder Rift, and Zone activities.

There are bonuses to playing with a party in Diablo Immortal. One advantage is that some caps will be stretched when playing with a party.

For example, Fading Embers has a weekly cap of 200, which can be stretched to 320 if you’re partied up with other plays in Elder Rift.

How to use the Party Finder in Diablo Immortal?

You can access the Party Finder menu by tapping on the small diamond icon next to your character’s icon in the upper left corner of the UI.

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In the Party Finder menu, tap on any of the ‘+’ icons next to your character if you want to add the following players to your party:

  • Friends – Players you have added to your friend list.
  • Clan – Players from the clan you belong to.
  • Recent – Players you have recently ‘partied’ with.

Alternatively, you can tap the ‘Party Finder’ button to give you customized options when searching for party members.

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You will find four tabs in the Party Finder menu:

  • All – Aggregates all listings for all tabs (Other, Dungeons, Zones)
  • Other – Players looking to go on Hidden Lair runs.
  • Dungeons – Parties looking for players to join them in Dungeon runs.
  • Zones – Parties looking for players to join them in clearing Zone objectives.

Tap on any of the players’ icons to check information about the party you are about to join, such as their Level and Combat Rating:

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You can tap on each tab to find and join parties looking for players to do a particular activity. Tap on ‘Apply’ to join a party.

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You can also create your listing by tapping on ‘Create Post:

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In the Create Post menu, you can choose the type of activity you want to find party members for and set a minimum level limit. You can also leave a note, which will show up on the Party Finder listing.

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After setting the parameters to values you are happy with, tap ‘Create.’

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You should not have to wait long before other players join your party since the post will automatically be sent to the clan, recruitment, and faction channels after you tap on ‘Create.’

Lastly, you can automatically accept applications or do them manually by checking or unchecking this box in the lower left corner of the Create Post menu.

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Can you play with people on other servers in Diablo Immortal?

No, you cannot play with people from other servers in Diablo Immortal, as the game is not cross-server compatible.

You must create a character in the same region as your friends to play Diablo Immortal with them.

If your server is close enough to your friends’ server, then there’s a good chance your servers will be merged shortly if it has been merged already.

Blizzard says server mergers are ongoing, so you must wait for them to enforce the changes.

Alternatively, you can create a new character in the same server as your friends and start grinding as hard as you can so you can catch up to their level in-game.

This way, you will not have to wait for Blizzard to make server merger moves, which may or may not come soon.

Group Up and Slay Demons

Playing Diablo Immortal solo can be fun, but partying with other players and working together to complete difficult challenges can be very rewarding.

Through Party Finder, you can find like-minded players looking to complete a specific task in Diablo Immortal and work with them to complete these tasks faster.

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