Diablo Immortal Season 10 – Normal Gem Changes, Feature Updates, new Limited-time Event, and more


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Nine seasons went by way too fast.

Diablo Immortal Season 10 - Normal Gem Changes, Feature Updates, new Limited-time Event, and more

Nine seasons of Diablo Immortal went by in a blink of an eye. Eight months after the game’s initial release, Blizzard’s mobile version of the ultra-popular dungeon crawler is already in its 10th season.

This season, Blizzard has focused on bringing numerous gameplay improvements alongside the usual limited-time event, Battle Pass, and new cosmetic set.

There’s a lot to tackle with this new update, but don’t worry; we will discuss them in detail in this guide.

New Attributes for Normal Gems

Blizzard is updating how Normal Gems work in Diablo Immortal. For Season 10, Normal Gems will “receive an additional attribute which modifies the base stats of the item they’re socketed into.”

The devs believe this change will give Normal Gems more use and help make Wynton’s Grand Market more relevant in-game.

Hidden Lairs is also getting an update to help players get more tradeable gems. Instead of this change, the devs will briefly remove all listed Normal Gems from Wynton’s Grand Market on February 22. Players can relist their Normal Gems after the update is complete.

Season 10 Feature Updates

Feature Updates are the highlight of the Season 10 update for Diablo Immortal, so don’t expect too much new content for this round of updates.

That said, the devs have made some important quality-of-life improvements to make gameplay more streamlined in Diablo Immortal.

Two Additional Stash Tabs

Blizzard has now allowed players to add additional storage tabs in their Stash.

Up to two Stash tabs can be added for each character in Diablo Immortal, giving players more storage space for their in-game items.

Players can unlock the first of two tabs by paying 2,000 Platinum. The second tab can be unlocked by having an active Boon of Plenty.

Unfortunately, if the player’s Boon of Plenty expires, they can no longer add items to that tab and will only be able to withdraw the items already in the second tab when Boon of Plenty expires.

Boss Invulnerable Phases

The devs have opted to reduce boss invulnerability phases in Diablo Immortal to speed up boss fights. Still, they promise to keep the changes minor and not to take away from the storytelling aspect of these boss fights.

You might have noticed slight pauses in the middle of battle when dealing with bosses in Diablo Immortal, one example being the pause after killing Segithis’ Left and Right Legs.

These pauses add drama to boss fights, but the devs believe these downtimes can add unnecessary time to dungeon runs or boss fights. If you’re doing multiple runs of the same dungeon, these small pauses can become quite time-consuming.

Path of Blood Rewards

Blizzard has made improvements to the Path of Blood System for Season 10. More specifically, players will now receive gold, XP, and items for completing a floor.

Players can now skip to the nearest boss floor on the current floor. All loot for the skipped floors will be rewarded, and players can skip to the next boss floor instantly.

Notifications, Visibility, and Bounty Rewards

The devs have also added a congratulatory screen for players who reach a new Hell Difficulty in Diablo Immortal.

The same screen will give the player details on new unlocked features by progressing through the Hell Difficulties.

Blizzard has also added an Auto-Follow Party Member feature which should help give players a chance to AFK when necessary.

Players can now tap or click on a party member to automatically follow their movement in-game. The Auto-Follow feature can be stopped by moving manually or when attacked by enemies.

The rest of the changes include a Player Profile Display change that lets players see their Warband name in the Player Profile menu, Combat Rating Visibility changes that will move the CR stat to the top of the Attributes menu, and Bounty Rewards increase from 1.2x >>> 5x.

Perils of the Fen Limited-time Event

The namesake of Diablo Immortal Season 10 – Perils of the Fen is a limited-time event that runs from February 8, 3 a.m. through February 16, 3 a.m. server time.

Like previous limited-time events in Diablo Immortal, players can complete event tasks and collect exciting rewards for their efforts.

Season 10 Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal’s Season 10 Battle Pass is dubbed “Alchemist’s Admixture” which features alchemy-themed Weapons and Armor cosmetics alongside numerous other loot such as Crests, Legendary Gems, and upgrade materials.

Players can acquire the Alchemist’s Admixture by completing tasks in the Season 10 Battle Pass from February 16, 3 a.m. through March 16, 2:59 a.m. server time, which should be enough time for players to complete all 40 ranks of the Battle Pass.

Void Beyond Cosmetic Set

A new season will not be complete without a new cosmetic set. For Season 10, players are getting the demonic-themed cosmetic called Void Beyond. Players can purchase the cosmetic set for 1,000 Eternal Orbs in the in-game shop.

Breezing Through the Seasons

There’s not a lot of new content for Season 10 as Blizzard focused on fixing and changing gameplay systems to improve the quality of life in Diablo Immortal. Nevertheless, the new Limited-time event and Battle Pass should give players plenty to be busy about while waiting for the next Major Update.

You can read the official patch notes from the Perils of the Fen blog post here.

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