Diablo Immortal: Server Mergers (February 22)


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Another set of server mergers is coming to Diablo Immortal this February.

Diablo Immortal: Server Mergers (February 22)

Blizzard gave players multiple server options in many regions to accommodate the influx of players when Diablo Immortal came out last year.

Having many server options is good and helps balance player population density, but having too many will also make other servers underpopulated.

Underpopulated servers are a problem in Diablo Immortal as the low player count will make queue times longer and make partying with specific groups of classes much more difficult.

To help combat this problem, Blizzard has slowly been merging multiple servers from the same region to help increase population density in thinned-out servers in Diablo Immortal.

Third-wave of Server Mergers

The February 22 server merger is the third server merger in Diablo Immortal. The previous two server mergers were much bigger and involved multiple servers and regions from North and South America, the EU, and East Asia.

This month’s server mergers are much smaller and focus on a handful of servers in Asianic regions.

East Asia

  • Cluster 1
    • 維雷克
    • 基德
    • 喬森
  • Cluster 2
    • 亞特瑪
    • 多頭蛇
    • 霸圖克
  • Cluster 3
    • 馬利杜思
    • 拉庫尼
    • 維拉

Southeast Asia

  • Cluster 1
    • Anu
    • Blood Raven
    • Zann Esu
    • Peth
  • Cluster 2
    • Bloodrime
    • Ghirn
    • Yl’nira
  • Cluster 3
    • Enigma
    • Agronix
    • Verathiel
  • Cluster 4
    • Vasily
    • Nilfur
    • Gillian

These server mergers will take effect on February 22. By then, players can log into the same server as always, but they can now see other players from other servers in the same cluster or grouping.

For more information on how server mergers work, check out our guide on Server Mergers here.

Can I transfer my character to another server in Diablo Immortal?

Yes, you can transfer your character to a completely different server in Diablo Immortal through the Character Transfer feature.

After Blizzard announced their first wave of server mergers in October last year, the company also introduced a highly-requested feature in Character Transfer that allows players to move from their current server to a different server.

Following the first wave of server mergers, Blizzard gave players a character transfer for free. After thirty days, players can transfer to another server for USD 15.

In addition, players must be at least Level 30 or above to use Character Transfer. All items the player’s character possesses in the previous server that can be traded in Wynton’s Grand Market will no longer be tradeable.

Jumping Ship

Blizzard says they will continue to monitor server populations across multiple regions in-game, so players can expect another set of server mergers when Blizzard deems it necessary.

If you happen to be part of any of the servers listed above, then you should experience faster queue times due to the increased population in your server.

However, if Blizzard has not blessed your current server through server mergers, you just have to wait and hope the next set of mergers includes your server.

Alternatively, you can use the Character Transfer feature to transfer to a more populated server as soon as possible.

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