Diablo Immortal: The Guards’ Story Achievement Guide


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Find all lost Cemetery Guards to get free rewards.

Diablo Immortal: The Guards' Story Achievement Guide

Ashwold Cemetery features various Achievements that you can complete to get a small but reliable stream of Hilts whereas other Achievements are more extensive and will require you to scour the map for various camps or altars and slay a specific number of enemies to complete the Achievement.

However, unlike other Achievements such as the Haunted Altars, The Guard’s Story is one of the more straightforward Achievements in Ashwold Cemetery that will only require you to locate and interact with Cemetery Guards scattered around the zone.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Guards’ Story Achievement in Diablo Immortal in this guide.

The Guards’ Story Achievement Details

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The Guards’ Story is an Achievement found in Ashwold Cemetery in Diablo Immortal.

The main objective of this Achievement is to find all five lost Cemetery Guards in Ashwold Cemetery. Successfully completing this mission will give the player 40 Hilts as a reward, which they can claim from the Ashwold Cemetery section in the Codex.

Lost Cemetery Guards Location in Ashwold Cemetery

You need to find all five Cemetery Guards to complete the Ashwold Cemetery zone achievement. The first three Cemetery Guards can be found in the northwestern part of Queen Asylla’s Tomb, while the fourth and fifth guards are found in the Outskirts – the southern and south eastern part of Ashwold Cemetery.

First Cemetery Guard

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Second Cemetery Guard

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Third Cemetery Guard

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Fourth Cemetery Guard

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Fifth Cemetery Guard

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Tap on the Cemetery Guards to interact with them. After a brief conversation between your character and the NPC, you can move on to the next guard locations on the map. Complete all five to check off the achievement in your Codex and claim the Hilts reward.

Lost & Found

If you’re looking to get some extra Hilts, completing The Guards’ Story Achievement in Ashworld Cemetery should give you an easy 40 Hilts that you can use to acquire various loot such as Crests, Gems, and Reforge Stones.

Fortunately, a few minutes is all you need to complete the mission in Diablo Immortal. Follow the guide above to find the Guards as quickly as possible.

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