The Complete Guide to Diablo IV Hell Tides


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Get upgrade materials and various loot from the Hell Tides Event in Diablo IV.

The Complete Guide to Diablo IV Hell Tides

The Helltide Event is one that you wouldn’t want to miss in Diablo 4. Get exciting rewards and valuable upgrade materials through event chests scattered around the hell-torn area in the event.

This quick guide outlines everything about the Diablo IV Hell Tides event.

What is the Hell Tides Event in Diablo 4?

The Hell Tides Event is a recurring World Event where zones become infested with powerful monsters and areas experience environmental changes for 60 minutes in Diablo IV.

A screenshot of gameplay from Diablo IV

You aim to defeat monsters within the Helltide and collect a currency called Aberrant Cinders, which you can use to open Tortured Chests around the Helltide area.

Here are the amount of Aberrant Cinders to open the various chest types in the Helltide Event:

  • Protection (Armor Pieces) – 75 Aberrant Cinders
  • Jewelry (Rings) – 75 Aberrant Cinders
  • Jewelry (Amulets) – 125 Aberrant Cinders
  • Weaponry (One-Handed) – 125 Aberrant Cinders
  • Weaponry (Two-Handed) – 150 Aberrant Cinders
  • Mystery Chests – 175 Aberrant Cinders

Alternatively, you can save your Aberrant Cinders and wait for the Tortured Gift of Mysteries to spawn within the Helltide area. This chest costs 175 Aberrant Cinders to open but carries a variety of gear of various rarities plus various Elixirs and Forgotten Souls.

Hell Tides Event Rewards

Killing enemies in the Hell Tides Event will drop Aberrant Cinders – a Helltide-exclusive currency that you will use to open Tortured Chests during the event. Aberrant Cinders expire as soon as the event ends, so make sure you spend the currency to open Tortured Chests while the event is active.

Diablo IV Helltides

Tortured Chests are special event chests that you can only open using a specific number of Aberrant Cinders. Depending on the type of chest you choose to open with Aberrant Cinders, you can get Armor Pieces, Rings, Amulets, One-Handed Weapons, or Two-Handed Weapons. You can also use Aberrant Cinders to open Mystery Chests or Tortured Gift of Mysteries, which carries a random amount of gear of varying rarity.

There’s also a small chance that you can get Forgotten Souls – an endgame currency that you can use to upgrade your character’s Sacred and Ancestral items in Diablo 4.

How do you unlock Hell Tides in Diablo 4?

You can unlock the Helltide event after you complete the Diablo 4 Campaign. You also have to unlock the ability to play on the game Difficulty Mode World Tier 3 difficulty to participate in the Helltide event.

A screenshot of Diablo IV World Tiers

Helltides are a random event in Diablo 4, so don’t expect to see them on regular schedules in the game. However, a notification should pop up in-game as soon as the event is active, so check the World Map for a dark red outline to find the active Helltide location.

Helltides only run for 60 minutes, so farm the Helltide area as quickly as possible to collect the rewards listed above.

Final Thoughts

The Helltide event is a great way of getting valuable loot, such as Aberrant Cinder, which you can use to unlock Tortured Chests and get valuable gear like Amulets, Weapons, etc. Some enemies in the Helltide event will also drop Forgotten Souls, a valuable currency you can use to upgrade your character’s gear.

Don’t miss out on this World Event to get valuable loot and upgrade materials for the endgame in Diablo 4.

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