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In Phasmophobia there are a few difficulties you can play the levels at. There is the regular one, and after that you can get Intermediate and Professional levels.

Phasmophobia: How To Change Difficulty

The harder the level, the more rewards you get. Money and experience is multiplied, but the challenge is bigger and you get certain curses which lower things like preparation time, sanity consumption will be increased, more ghost occurrences, etc.

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you can change your difficulty. We will tell you how to change your difficulty today.

How to Change Difficulty in Phasmophobia

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Firstly, you must know that you need to progress in the game a bit if you want to change your difficulty levels. This is because the developers were smart enough to prepare you for the terror in these difficulties.

To change your difficulty, you must reach level 10 for Intermediate and level 15 for Professional. After that, there is no specific way of changing your difficulty.

It’s just that every map has a certain difficulty, and if you want to choose an individual difficulty, leave the room and create a lobby again. Do this until you get the wanted difficulty and choose that map.

What does difficulty change in Phasmophobia?

  1. Amateur
  • Reward: Cash x1, EXP x1
  • Five minutes preparation.
  1. Intermediate
  • Reward: Cash x2, EXP x1.5
  • Two minutes preparation.
  • Sanity consumption increased 50%.
  • Chances for ghost activities increase greatly.
  • Duration of hunting mode increased.
  • Less interaction from the ghost with the environment.
  1. Professional
  • Reward: Cash x3, EXP x2
  • No preparation time.
  • Sanity consumption increased by 100%.
  • Chances for ghost activities increase even more.
  • Hunting mode time increased.
  • More sneaky ghosts.

You have to have some nerves of steel if you want to play Intermediate or Professional difficulty maps. However, if you want to have more laughs and fun with friends, then you can change your difficulty after level 10 and 15. Have fun catching ghosts!

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