Dota 2: Wraith King After Patch 7.28 – Build



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Wraith King was one of the most inconsistent laners before the 7.28 patch – The Mistwoods. However, now, Wraith King is a monster carry!

Dota 2: Wraith King After Patch 7.28 – Build

In the past, Wraith King’s go-to strategy was to collect skeleton chargers, and then go all in on the enemies. This meant that this hero was a really passive hero, and it was hard to coordinate with your support for all-ins, especially in public and not premade matches.

Now, Wraith King will get a lot of mini-crits from level two. The crits will do 40 percent more damage, aside from the levels 4 and 6.

Sometimes, you can get an enormous 270% crit output on hit with no misses on level 7.

Wraith King Build Patch 7.28 – Dota 2

We will give you the exact build you need to follow to shred your enemies in the Mistwoods update in Dota 2. Prioritized are right-click attacks, so it might feel a bit different to what you are used to seeing on Wraith King.

Firstly, the abilities. I recommend starting with Wraithfire Blast on level 1 and then focusing to upgrade Mortal Strike as much as possible! After that, focus Vampiric Spirit and leave Wraithfire Blast for last.

Here are the skills and how you need to max them, as well as the talent tree:

mistwoods update dota 2 1 1024x521 1

Courtesy of: OwnAcanthopterygii2– Reddit

Because of Wraith King’s changes, you no longer have to prioritize attack speed. Instead, what you need to focus is armor reduction, initiation, and a lot of damage. So, you will need to get Armlet, Desolator, and Dagger.

With these items and the changes to this hero, you’re guaranteed to produce hard-hitting blows to your targets. Getting the dagger early now, isn’t as unproductive as before. Instead, you can utilize it quite well early on, because of the guaranteed crits.

Nonetheless, here is the exact way you should build Wraith King in the Mistwoods update Dota 2:

skills dota wraith 1 1024x529 1

After this patch, make sure not to go Radiance, then Dagger, then AC.

Overall, this is a free MMR build, and you should make sure to use it before everything goes downhill. In other words, make sure to utilize it before it gets nerfed, because it innevitably will.

Also, make sure to override your previous-set ways of playing Wraith King. With this build, this hero becomes a whole different creature, and it might require some tweaks to your gameplay.

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