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Factory is the smallest map in Escape From Tarkov and consists entirely of the interior of one massive factory building. There are no trees to skirt or hills to fight around, and very little ground to cover, but there are underground steam tunnels and overhead catwalks that still make it a very vertical map.

Escape From Tarkov Factory Map

Due to the nature of Factory, I’m going to be using the location names on this map made by community member Stealtheh. Each area will be covered briefly, as there is really only one “major” location.

Escape From Tarkov Factory Map Guide

1. Area-0

Starting from the west side, we have “Area 0” as marked in-game. This area is actually the most clear of scavs, but some will wander in from area 1 and the office structure. Most notable here is that the area that leads immediately into the office structure has a number of loot spawns. Scavs don’t usually manage to get onto the majority of the catwalk, but they can patrol around the large catwalk area in the north-west.

area 0 1024x685 1

2. Area 1

Moving just to the east, we have “Area 1” or often “pit”. This area has a notable loot spawn in the small bunker-like structure immediately to the left of the southern spawn point. This structure contains a lootable scav body that can spawn all sorts of items. The area just above it, marked in grey on the map and numbered “1986” contains a weapon crate as well. Other than that, you’ll generally want to keep an eye out for both players and scavs running along the catwalks of this area.

area 1 1024x667 1

3. Area 2 and Area 3

To the northeast of Area 1, we have “Area 2” and “Area 3”. Scav groups spawn around the fuel tanks, as well as in the office complex to the north-west. Any fighting between the easternmost spawns will generally attract these scavs, but otherwise they don’t really patrol that far out. There’s a pair of crates in this area, and otherwise not much else. Aside from the early fighting opportunities and lots of scav spawns, this area is notable for the small pumping station that can actually spawn a handful of loose loot items. This room is only accessible if you have either of the two keys just labeled “door key”.

area 2 and area 3

4. Office Building

Finally, we have the office building. The second floor of this structure is a collapsing locker and shower room, where one of the factory door keys can spawn (marked in red). The third floor of this building is the real reason to run the factory map, and it’s often very heavily contested.

office building

Room 1 (labeled R1 on the map), is a player-scav extraction and holds the most valuable loot spawn on the entire map. In the northeast corner is both a computer and a safe that tends to spawn high value items. In the southwestern corner of the room is a pair of filing cabinets which tend to spawn loose items that hold a decent value on the flea market.

Room 2 (R2) is devoid of loot, but has a wooden door facing room 1. This room mostly serves as a place to duck out of a fight or avoid scavs as they won’t wander in here. The door facing room 1 can also be shot through, which serves great for setting ambushes.

Room 3 (R3) is only accessible with the “Factory Exit Key”. This key also allows you to exit through gate 0 and through an additional door in the tunnels. In room 3, there is a weapon spawn and a jacket with a chance for decent loot, as well as spawning the key to dorm room 204 on the Customs map.

factory map keys 1024x665 1

To wrap things up, here’s an additional map that better illustrates where keys can be used. Factory is not a very large or loot heavy map, but it does see a lot of action from people looking for a quick profit, and those looking to get into quick and constant indoor fights. If you want to run a map with more loot opportunities, and longer ranges, check out our other map breakdowns.

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