Escape From Tarkov Dog Tags & what to do With It


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When you manage to eliminate another PMC during a raid and get the chance to loot then, you will find that there is a slot which contains a dog tag.

Escape From Tarkov Dog Tags & what to do With It

In some cases, these tags are quite valuable, and it is worth picking these up. Each dog tag tells you name and level of the owner and also the time, weapon used and name of the eliminated owner of the tag. As the level of the owner goes up, so does the value of the tag itself.

Who to sell dog tags to?

Dog tags

If you want to sell tags, you can either sell them to Peacekeeper for dollars, or Therapist for roubles, as she gives you the most value in roubles compared to the other traders. When selling to Therapist, if the owner is around level 20, you should get around 10k roubles for the tag. Alternatively, you can save the higher level tags for trades with Mechanic and Peacekeeper.

At Peacekeeper level 2, you can trade 7 level 8 or higher tags for an MPX, and at level 3 you can trade 20 level 15 or higher tags for an RSASS. With Ragman at level 4 you can trade for an M2 armored rig for 10 level 20 tags, or for the face shield of an Altyn helmet for 6 level 20 tags.

MPX and RSASS dog tags purchase

While there may not be that many trades for your tags, it might be worth your while to just take a quick look to see if you need something that you could trade your tags for rather than purchasing the item from the flea market.

Keeping The Dog Tags

If you are looking to keep your dog tags for barters or perhaps even as emergency cash, you’ll want to be able to store them.

There are a few containers you can place dog tags in, and also keep inside your secure container if you’re willing to take up a slot or two. The most obvious of these containers is the Dog Tag Case. You can purchase this from Therapist at Loyalty 2, for a small fee of 423k roubles. This may seem a bit expensive, but the case itself has a 10×10 grid, so you can hold 100 dog tags.

dog tags case
Dog Tags Case

The second option is the S I C C case. While it only holds 1/4th of the amount the Dog Tag Case can hold and also takes up another slot, the S I C C case is also able to carry some valuables such as loose cash, physical bitcoins, flash drives and most importantly, keys.

S I C C case
S I C C case

These cases go for about 3 million roubles on the flea market, for good reason. The only other way to obtain one is to barter with Jaeger at level 3 for 10 paracord, 15 duct tape, 10 insulating tape, and 12 packs of nails. The most expensive of these items are paracords, which go for around 100k to 200k on the flea market, as it is used with the Red Rebel Icepick for cliff extractions.

Dog Tags and Quest

As a final note, if you enjoy going through Tarkov’s questlines, there is one quest for Prapor in which you must collect 10 dog tags of both types of PMCs, BEAR and USEC. So you may want to just hold onto the tags you find if you’re going to be completing that, but it is a quest much much later in the game.

Hopefully with this you’ve learned that you can make a bit more profit on your kills, even if they don’t have much gear on them. Good luck out there.

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