Escape From Tarkov : Error 213 Resolve (Error connecting to auth server)


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Escape From Tarkov error 213 is one of the more common error codes new users will experience, especially around peak hours during a sale or after a patch. Even if you’re a casual player, you’ve probably bumped into at some point. But what does it mean? And why does it keep happening if it’s a known issue?

Escape From Tarkov : Error 213 Resolve (Error connecting to auth server)

What does Error 213 – Connecting To Auth Server Mean?

Error 213, or alternatively “Error connecting to auth server”, is an error you may experience whenever your client doesn’t receive a response from the EFT servers.

213 – Error Connecting to auth server

Can I fix Error 213?

If you get error 213 while logging in, go ahead and try it again. Sometimes something goofs and a second log-in attempt is all it takes. If re-logging does work, there’s a good chance the servers are experiencing some other issues as well so keep an eye out for increased lag or any other oddities.

If re-logging doesn’t fix the issue, trying one more time might help but there’s a good chance at this point that the servers are experiencing a serious issue. If your third attempt doesn’t work, refrain from logging in for an hour or check with the EFT twitter to see if an announcement has been made.. Flooding the servers with login requests could make things take longer to fix.


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Why does it keep happening?

Escape From Tarkov is still in Beta, and unlike a lot of projects that wear that label EFT is actively under a lot of development. Sometimes this involves tinkering with the servers, and sometimes something breaks. If this is the case, it doesn’t usually take long for things to be fixed.

If this isn’t the case, it might be that you’re attempting to log in while the game is patching, or during a sale or after a new major patch when a lot of players flood the servers. This last portion shouldn’t be the case anymore, as the recent boom in EFT’s popularity has prompted a server upgrade by the devs, but it very well could happen again in the future.

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