Escape From Tarkov : How to Kill Reshala


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Reshala, the Dealmaker, is the scav boss of the map Customs. Besides the other places to make some profits on the map, taking down Reshala and his guards can be a source of a large amount of cash, if you’re willing to take the risk.

Escape From Tarkov : How to Kill Reshala

While not the most difficult of bosses to handle, he and his posse will still put up a good fight, so it’s best to be prepared. Let’s take a look at how you can take him down.

Reshala Spawn Locations

Does Reshala Always spawn? Reshala has an approximately 38% chance of spawning in one of two places on Customs.

  • Dorms
  • New Gas Station

He and his guards can spawn in either one of the Dorms buildings, and inside or outside of the New Gas Station.

If you’re unlucky, you might just walk up the stairs of the Dorms to be staring down the barrels of four AKs. If you’re even unluckier, you might just get taken out before you can even get close to the New Gas Station.

If you’re looking to go to either of these places on a Customs run, be cautious of Reshala’s presence.

Enemy Formation


Reshala himself is quite a ballsy boss, not wearing any sort of armor himself. He can carry a variety of weapons as well, some fetching a good price on the market.

Here’s what he can have:

  • AK-101
  • AK-102
  • DT MDR
  • Saiga 12ga
  • HK MP5 SMG

Each of these weapons will have a number of attachments on them, so you could use them on the way out if you’ve used all your ammo taking out his group. He also tends to use decent ammunition for all of these weapons, so you might just get taken out by a stray bullet of his.

Reshala Guards

Reshala is accompanied by four guards, each possibly wearing level 3 or higher armor. Besides that, they come equipped with some decent weaponry, though lacking in variety.

Here’s what Reshala guards can have:

  • AK-103
  • AKS-74N
  • AK-74M

As for armor, they tend to have some higher end equipment. Notable pieces are as follows:

  • ZSh-1-2M + Faceshield (Helmet Level 4, Faceshield Level 3)
  • Altyn + Faceshield (Helmet Level 5, Faceshield Level 5)
  • IOTV Gen 4 Assault (Level 5 Body Armor)
  • 6B43 Zabralo-Sh 6A Armor (Level 6 Body Armor)
  • ANA Tactical M2 Armored Rig (Level 4 Armored Vest)
  • Cry Precision AVS plate carrier (Level 4 Armored Vest)
  • Wartech TV-110 plate carrier (Level 4 Armored Vest)

Your best bet is to aim for the head, as a mag dump into the chest may be stopped by one of them happening to have Level 6 armor, likely resulting in your untimely demise.

Both Reshala and his guards also come equipped with a few grenades, so be ready to run if you hear something land near you.


Spawn at New Gas Station

spawn gas station

Given the environment of the New Gas Station, it may be better if Reshala and his goons spawn here. If they do spawn here, you can stay at a distance and pick them off one at a time, as you could stay out of their engagement range.

If you do end up getting close, staying in cover and quickly taking shots when peeking is a good idea, but you might just get your head taken off.

A few well-placed shots to the heads of each of Reshala’s goons and one for Reshala himself should result in a quick victory.

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Spawn at Dorms

spawn dorm

Fighting Reshala at the Dorms is a bit more trouble. He can spawn in either building, and his guards tend to stand out in the middle of the hallway to soak up bullets.

Keep shooting while strafing, or just toss a few grenades into their formation, and hopefully you’ll come out on top. Being in close quarters is less than ideal, as a well armored guard may run up to you and fill you with lead. End the firefight as quickly as possible and make sure all five are down before you start looting.

As the Dorms is a high traffic area in the first place, an extended firefight here is just asking for other players to run up and cause trouble. You could always just wait until someone else comes and deals with Reshala.

Reshala Loot

Besides the weapons and armor that Reshala’s goons have equipped, Reshala himself will have either a Physical Bitcoin, or a Labs access card in his pocket. Even with these items, the weapons will probably get the most profit from the fight.

Carrying four guards worth of weapons and armor however may be less than ideal with the weight penalties if you’re playing alone.
Make sure to check Reshala’s pistol slot, as he could have the coveted Golden TT. You’ll need one found in raid for a Task given by Jaeger, besides being tasked with killing Reshala. If you’re looking to finish that task, then getting the TT as early as possible would be ideal.

If you do miraculously manage to get absolutely everything of value out of the raid, requiring you to have a sizeable backpack or being enough of a madman to bring an item case of some kind into the raid, you can make around a million Roubles.

Hunting scav bosses is a profitable business, but it has a number of risks.

Being ready to fight both players and Reshala is both part of the risk, and part of the fun. Even if you do meet your demise due to the last of the goons getting a lucky shot off, there’s always next time. That’s how Tarkov is after all.

Keep your head on a swivel and stay out of sight, then you might just make it out alive. Good luck out there!

Additional Notes

construction zone

As of 7/27/2020, patch 12.7 released with a new Customs expansion. Supposedly, the new area located near the Construction Zone is the location of a new spawn point for Reshala. Knowing his prior behaviors, here are two of the locations where he might be spawning in this new area.

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