9 Fun Games Like Clash of Clans That You Should Play



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9 Fun Games Like Clash of Clans That You Should Play

1. Total Conquest

Total Conquest

Source: Gamesdream

One of the most similar games to Clash Of Clans is Total Conquest. The game’s name is to manage an empire and conquer the world via military skirmishes. You take the role of a Roman governor that needs to develop their city-state while protecting your land.

2. Battle Beach

Battle Beach

Source: Wikia

In this game, humanity is in shambles, and you must restore order. It would be best if you rebuilt islands, and you will need to build your base, build up your troops, and you will need to combat other armies. You have ten units to choose from, and when you need to, you can join forces with other players and conquer opponents.

3. Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

Source: Wikia

In Samurai Siege, you will lead a massive army of monsters, ninjas, and samurais. You will focus on building a village from the ground up, and you will need to protect your village from other armies, which you can do by raising powerful armies of your own.

You will notice that there are forests, deserts, and even mountains you can travel through, and if you want to, you can capture some loot and swipe some rare items. When the time comes, you can create powerful alliances with other players and increase your chances of seizing and conquering the realm.

4. Kingdom Clash

Kingdom Clash

Source: iTunes

In this game, you rule a kingdom, and you need to defend that kingdom at all costs. This can be done by leading your troops to battle and equipping your castle with various weapons. You will love building up your armies and developing strategies to help you build an indestructible fort. You have lightning canons, watchtowers, and fire catapults, so use them wisely and the other weapons you can access in Kingdom Clash.

5. Pocket Fort

Pocket Fort

Source: Google Play

Pocket Fork is very similar to Clash Of The Clans, but there is a major difference: you will be in command of robots. You will love building a massive fortress and using missiles to destroy your enemy. You can even access laser beams, turrets, and much more.

If you are looking for a futuristic version of Clash Of Clans, this is what you have been looking for, and you will want to try this game out. Be warned, though, this game can be highly addictive. It can be just as addictive as Clash Of Clans.

6. Viking Wars

Viking Wars

Source: Google Play

Do you like the Viking Age and Clash of Clans? If you answered yes to both these questions, then you will love Viking Wars. You will focus on building up an army of male and female Vikings and wreak havoc on other Viking tribes. However, at some point in the game, you should join other players and ally.

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Also, you can earn some free game currency and enjoy various upgrades. You will enjoy building an army of Viking warriors and using different weapons associated with the Viking age, so download this game today to find out the big deal.

7. Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat

Source: Facebook

First, you can play Jungle Heat on various platforms, including several social media sites. The goal of this game is to take command as a general and free native riches and take on marauders. You will then claim them for yourself. You will build a fort in the middle of the jungle and defend it at all costs.

One of the coolest things about this game is that you can hire troops to fight for you, increasing your chances of winning battles. If you want to conquer the jungle and become the top general, download Jungle Heat today and build a massive fort.

8. Castle Clash

Castle Clash

Source: Wikia

The final game on our list is Castle Clash. There are over 70 million players, meaning you have plenty of people to battle online. The goal of this game is simple: you want to become the greatest warlord ever, and you will do this by creating a massive empire that nobody wants to mess with. You will be able to hire extremely powerful heroes and build and lead an army of mythical creatures ranging from small to large.

The more creative you are, the better your chances will be of being able to rise to the top. Create several bases, upgrade your fortress when needed, and fight other players when you are ready. Did we mention that you can even use powerful spells throughout the game? Download Castle Clash today and start building an empire that is a force to be reckoned with.

9. Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Source: IGN

A fun war-based game also by the makers of Super Cell. The biggest difference is that any troops that survive after a battle will stay in your landing ship. That means you don’t have to keep training over and over again. You can explore islands and conquer neutral resources to expand your island empire. Killing the headquarters means victory, so never place it in a spot that is easy pickings for your opponent.

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