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“The Seventh Samurai” is a world quest in Genshin Impact in Inazuma, the Electro nation. This particular quest involves the man, originally from Fontaine, who you met in Kannazuka and who helped for seven days to solve the problem in Tatarasuna.

Genshin Impact: “The Seventh Samurai” Quest Guide

For this world quest, Xavier is finally taking steps to fulfill his long-time dream of becoming a filmmaker. And this article will walk you through the steps to get and complete this world quest and help your friend make his dream come true.

How to Unlock “The Seventh Samurai” Quest

You must complete one of the vital quest series in Inazuma, the Tatara Tales world quest series. Since this world quest involves the NPC named Xavier, you must have known him by this point. It is a seven-day chain of quests where you need to help Xavier.

After completing the said world quest series, “The Seventh Samurai” will automatically be available. To learn more about Tatara Tales, read our guide for it by clicking this link.

Quest Location

This world quest is located on Narukami Island, specifically, the island east of Inazuma City. If you have completed Tatara Tales, an exclamation mark will appear near the island. This indicates the world quest is ready to be accepted.

the seventh samurai 002

Quest Steps

Step 1: Go to the island east of Inazuma City.

To be able to trigger this quest, all you need to do is go to the island east of Inazuma City, where you will find Xavier.

the seventh samurai 003

Xavier, the Great Inventor, is standing on a rock by the shore alongside a soldier of the Tenryou Commission named Toranosuke. They seem to be having a problem, so you should go and check what’s going on.

Step 2: Talk to Xavier and the Shogunate Officer.

Xavier seems to be lecturing the officer, saying that the line he just read lacks the proper emotional gravitas. And asks if Toranosuke remembered what he said about how the play is supposed to feel liberating and give the audience a sense of the vicissitudes of life.

the seventh samurai 004

Toranosuke then reasons you can not swing your sword like that when you fight against people. He also suggests that the Shogunate Officer not swing his sword in such haste and ensure he is in view. Otherwise, the Film Kamera will not be able to capture his movements.

As they are about to do another take, Xavier finally notices you, and he is happy to see you. He then explains that he is shooting a swashbuckler film with Toranosuke, which he calls “The Seventh Samurai.” Xavier’s idea is that this sort of film shall have sword-fighting scenes and take an incredible journey across the battlefield.

the seventh samurai 005

Xavier originally intended to persuade Mr. Mikoshi Genjirou to allow him to make a film in Inazuma. Despite being a serious man, Genjirou accepted Xavier’s request quite happily. But in exchange, he has to make a movie that has to do with the Shogunate, preferably with a samurai as the protagonist. Mr. Mikoshi then appointed Toranosuke to go with Xavier and skilled troops. He also told Xavier to use the scenes of steel clashing against steel to display the majesty of the samurai and the Shogunate.

To Xavier’s understanding and belief, Mr. Mikosho Genjirou has grasped the potential of using films as a marketing tool. At the same time, Xavier himself claims he will never refuse anything that will help him make any films.

the seventh samurai 006

When asked about the production progress, Xavier reveals that it is not going very well. The soldiers are highly skilled in martial arts but are not used to this kind of staged fighting. Their sword movements are too fast for the Film Kamera to record and sometimes run outside its view.

Xavier then asks you, if you have time, to follow his script and act the story out for the soldiers to see. He hopes the soldiers will better understand the story after watching it from the spectator’s point of view. He believes that with your strength and understanding, you will be able to perform brilliantly in front of the Kamera.

the seventh samurai 007

Xavier hands you the script to read and highlights the parts mainly about fighting.

Step 3: Read the script of “The Seventh Samurai.”

“The Seventh Samurai” Script

Act 5, Scene 3

…Juusaburou leads the other samurai in a fierce battle with the thieves…

…the offensive led by juusaburou gradually overpowers the thieves, scattering them in all directions.


Kyuuzou: “Come, Juusaburou! The thieves are getting away!”

Juusaburou: “They won’t give Taniko up that easily. Keep your eyes peeled!”

…After defeating the thieves, Juusaburou looks around absently and calls out:


Juusaburou: “The thieves! Where are the thieves?”

Kyuuzou: “They’ve all been beaten.”

Juusaburou stands on the spot, scanning his surroundings, then bursts into tears.

After reading the script, Xavier informs you that you will be playing the role of “Juusaburou,” a person who, together with several companions, is employed by the villagers to protect them. Xavier will play the part of “Kyuuzou,” and the two of you will do a reading of the script.

Xavier will give you time to prepare before you act out the role of Juusaburou. The script will be available in your inventory under the Quest Items tab, and you can review it anytime.

Step 4: Talk to Xavier to start filming.

You will be given three options when you talk to Xavier at this point.

the seventh samurai 008

The first one, “Ready when you are,” will proceed with the acting and filming parts. The second choice will give you more time to review the script or do something else.

the seventh samurai 009

The last option, “What do you mean to capture through the film?” will have Xavier explain that he is yet to think things through about what he wants to make a film of. He believes that films can be anything. Romance, suspense, combat, and even baseless legends can be the subject of films. He also thinks that films have some charm that he has yet to fully bring out, which he believes he will find the answer to as long as he keeps making films.

Now, start acting the role for the film.

Step 5: Complete filming within the time limit.

When you decide to start acting for Xavier’s film, you will be given a few tasks that you must complete within 1 minute. The tasks are:

  1. Finish the “film.”
    • You will be able to do this after completing the other two tasks.
  2. Do not leave the recording area of the Film Kamera.
    • There will be a barrier or marking around the area to indicate the limit or edge of the Kamera’s view. You can only move around within it, or the recording will fail.the seventh samurai 010
  3. Defeat 3 bandits.
    • While the Kamera is recording, 3 Nuboshis will appear, and you have,e to defeat them within the time limit of 1 minute.the seventh samurai 011
  4. Change position three times.
    • Within the Film Kamera’s recording zone, you will find circle markings with an arrow in its center. You need to stand on these markings within the time limit. You can do this even when fighting your opponents.the seventh samurai 012

Step 6: Talk to Xavier.

After acting out the role of Juusaburou, Xavier is very pleased with your performance. He calls it a perfect demonstration and now calls you the hero of his heart, a true star. You can tell Xavier to change roles next time, and he will agree with your suggestion.

the seventh samurai 013

Based on his demonstration, Xavier then tells the soldier where and how to pose while fighting. Toranosuke now understands that when swinging his blade, he should focus not so much on the “action” but the “posture.” The soldier gives his ideas and suggestions for better angles and postures.

the seventh samurai 014

The filmmaker is glad to hear that the soldier is now enthusiastic about acting and asks that he haskscuss the matter with his fellow soldiers before doing another take.

Xavier then thanks you for your help and gives you a few things to show his gratitude. When asked about the theme of his next film, Xavier reveals that he is pretty torn on what the topic should be. He wonders if he should do one about the various traditions of the Grand Narukami Shrine or the tales of the kitsune and the tanuki. There are so many islands in Inazuma and many stories to be told.

the seventh samurai 015

If this current film he is working on satisfies those fellows upstairs, Xavier suspects that future film projects shall progress much more smoothly.

NOTE: Completing this world quest will unlock a short world quest series titled “Film Notes.”

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