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If you are one for achievements, then Genshin Impact has you covered. The game has tons of collectible items which you can search for.

Genshin Impact: A Drunkard’s Tale | All Books Locations

Upon completing or finding all of the collectibles for a specific one, you get an achievement. This could also reward you with a PS4 or Xbox One trophy, not just in-game. One specific collectible called A Drunkard’s Tale will get you the achievement “The Drunkard and the Wolf.”

That’s why we will give you A Drunkard’s Tale all book locations in Genshin Impact!

A Drunkard’s Tale All Book Locations – Genshin Impact

I didn’t understand the story quite fully, but apparently, a lone wolf travelling meets a few people and tells his story to them.

However, I might be wrong, because the tales are written in a fairly weird format. Nevertheless, since then, these tales have echoed in the Mondstadt town.

There are four books for this collectible. Here are A Drunkard’s Tale all book locations:

  • Dawn Winery in the Windwail Highland

Inside this winery, you will find two of the tales. Apparently, there are bookshelves in this bizarre winery.

The first one is located left of the entrance on a table with books on it. This is A Drunkard’s Tale (I). Look at the reference picture:

The second one is located in a corner east from the first one. It should be on a bookshelf. Here is a more specific view:

  • Main City – Mondstadt

Its location is one of the first building from the top of the town. The building highlighted on the map is the place which holds two tales:

Once you enter the building go to the first room on the right, the door next to Wyratt. Go right again and at the end there will be some big bookshelves, on these the II tale is located.

Here is the exact bookshelf:

The IV Drunkard’s Tale is located on the lower floor. Take the stairs and then take a left, the bookshelf that you will see straight from you is the one which holds this tale. A Drunkard’s Tale IV bookshelf:

After collecting all of these, the Drunkard and the Wolf achievement will be unlocked. If you are planning to collect these items, good luck!

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