Genshin Impact: Dimming Mushroom’s Call for Help Quest Guide



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Dimming Mushroom’s Call for Help is a world quest in Genshin Impact that you can do and complete as part of The Chasm content of the game’s 2.7 version update.

Genshin Impact: Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help Quest Guide

The story of this quest is connected to the ominous mud and oozing concretions that have contaminated The Chasm: Underground Mines. This time, it is the giant mushroom that can talk and will ask favors from you to save it and its kind.

Quest Prerequisites

To get this quest, you need access to the Chasm: Underground Mines, which can only be done by completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest. It is part of The Chasm Delvers, the world quest series that will give you the task of breaking the seal closing off the underground mines of The Chasm.

You should also have started the Chasm Spelunker quest to get the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget which is needed to complete the tasks for the Dimming Mushroom’s Call for Help quest. It is also recommended that you complete The Chasm Delvers, the world quest series, to have a full view of the underground mines’ map for easy navigation.

How to Unlock Dimming Mushroom’s Call for Help Quest

To get this quest, you must teleport to the Teleport Waypoint in the Glowing Narrows. From this spot, follow the path or the water heading south until you come across a giant glowing mushroom.

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When you get to the area, Paimon will react to a sound you suddenly hear. After this dialogue, the quest will automatically be added to the list in your quest window.

Completing the Quest

You hear strange sounds – voices, almost – coming from a giant mushroom in The Chasm. Could it be a giant talking mushroom?

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Step 1: Talk to Xamaran

Go near the giant glowing mushroom and find out who is making that sound.

When you interact with it, the mushroom will talk and introduce itself as Xamaran, a Giant Mushroom From Another Land. This thing will find you, the traveler, as someone who is strangely familiar.

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It will also tell you that it smells the heat of golden sand and the dampness from deep within the rainforest, which is the smell of its hometown. Xamaran is talking about Sumeru, a place it has been away from for a long time.

Xamaran will ask a favor from you related to the foul energy that has lately been growing in the area. It seeks help from you because it has been drained of strength fending off evil and has ended up in its current state.

Step 2: Give Xamaran some of the Adjuvant’s power.

Paimon will suggest that you lend the energy of the Adjuvant to Xamaran in hopes of making it feel better.

Equip the Lumenstone Adjuvant and make sure it has enough energy so that you can recharge Xamaran. If your Lumenstone Adjuvant does not have enough energy, you can pick up Starshrooms or activate light sources in the surrounding area.

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Recharge the giant mushroom with Adjuvant energies and watch as its life-light gets rekindled.

Despite replenishing Xamaran’s energy, it will warn you that the foul energy has not yet been eradicated and could strike back anytime. Oozing concretions will then appear in the area around the giant glowing mushroom.

Step 3: Help Xamaran clear the foul energy out.

There will be three oozing concretions south of the giant mushroom that you need to clear out. Each will need 1 Adjuvant energy to clear out.

Step 4: Tell Xamaran that the foul energy has been cleansed.

After clearing out all three oozing concretions, return to the giant glowing mushroom and report the progress.

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Xamaran feels it has been cleared of the foul energy and will thank you for helping it. However, it knows that all the other mushrooms similar to it still suffer, and Xamaran itself does not have the strength to shelter the weak like it once did.

Step 5: Help Xamaran’s kin (5)

Throughout the Glowing Narrows are smaller mushrooms that Xamaran calls its kin. These have also grown weak and will need your help to be recharged.

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Go to the spots marked on the map and look for mushrooms with dimly lit energy emanating from them. Get close to it and replenish its energy using the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

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Step 6: Talk to Xamaran.

After recharging all five mushrooms, go back to the giant mushroom and talk to it.

Xamaran will thank you for your efforts and give you the Blessings of Wisdom, a suspicious object claimed to be able to clear the source of the foul energy.

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The giant mushroom wants you to clear the foul energy by eliminating its source using the Blessings of Wisdom.

Step 7: Follow the water’s flow and search for the source of the foul energy.

The water in The Glowing Narrows flows from the northern part of the underground mines. This means that the source of the foul energy can be found somewhere in the water that flows from the Nameless Ruins.

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On a cliff by the waterfall, you will find the oozing concretion, which is the source of the foul energy.

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When you go near a source of foul energy, 3 Abyss Mages will appear. These three are the elements Pyro, Hydro, and Electro. Defeat these opponents so that you can continue with your task.

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Step 8: Use the Blessings of Wisdom on the source of the foul energy

After defeating the Abyss Mages, use the Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear out the ominous mud. The oozing concretion will disappear for a second but will appear once again.

When the oozing concretion disappears, quickly use the Blessings of Wisdom on it to successfully eliminate the foul energy.

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Once the Blessings of Wisdom is used, a mushroom will grow out from within the fissure. A precious chest will also appear in the area as a reward for completing this part of the quest.

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Step 9: Tell Xaraman that the foul energy’s source has been cleared out

Go back to the giant mushroom from another land and break the good news that you have successfully solved the problem and managed to block the fissures.

Xaraman will praise you and Paimon for your efforts before falling asleep again.

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Completing this quest will unlock the achievement “The Mushroom That Asks Too Much – Complete Xamaran’s commission in The Chasm.”

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