Genshin Impact : How Old is Fishcl



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Fischl an investigator for the Adventurer’s Guild wasn’t always as famous as now. In fact, she was misunderstood a lot in the olden days, because of her unusual speaking.

Genshin Impact : How Old is Fishcl

But with time, she has earned the trust of most of the characters in the Adventurer’s Guild. This might be because of her vision and her unusually high intelligence.

Being a 4-star rare character, we have deemed it appropriate to tell you how old is Fischl in Genshin Impact.

How Old Is Fishcl in Genshin Impact

From the name you can guess that she has some German ties. We don’t know how true is this statement, but most of the community seems to think so.

She has a black dress that she wears with violet straps. From her appearance you can see that she might be a fairly powerful electro spellcaster. There isn’t much information about her age, apart from her birthday, but we think that we might have pinpointed her age by digging around.

So, how old is Fischl? Fischl should have an age around 15-17.

Like I said, in all of the lore we could find anything connected to her age. But by her build, we have guessed that she was a teenager.

It states that she has joined the Adventurer’s Guild on age 14, but doesn’t give us much info. She might be 3000-year-old for all we know.

However, there is an interaction with her companion Oz, which gives us some insight into her real age. Apparently, there is an interaction in which Oz tells Fischl that she is not old enough to drink yet.

This means that she is around 15-17 years old, because if this interaction is based on the legal drinking age of China, which is 18.

Nevertheless, in these interaction Fischl says to Oz that she is older than the Universe. But for now, all of the evidence suggests that she is a teenager. Hopefully someone uncovers this mystery!

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