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The characters in Genshin Impact are measured by rarity. Rarity can be measured from one to five, with one being common, while five being very rare.

How Old is Venti : Genshin Impact

There are many characters which are very rare, but today we will focus on Venti. Venti is a playable character which controls the wind to emerge victorious against his enemies. He is the God of Freedom and he has been known for his calm and peaceful tunes.

But how old is Venti? Most of the characters in Genshin are more than a few thousand years old.

Genshin Impact: How Old is Venti

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Venti has an interesting personality. He often misbehaves, and rhymes regularly in his speech. Sometimes he might even taunt supposedly powerful enemies and friends.

He is very enthusiastic about music, to the point where he has made up a name for his lyre. A specific quote which you have probably heard by him is: “every being deserves name to be called upon, and woven into a song.”

So, how old is Venti? Unfortunately, no one knows Venti’s specific age. The characters usually have their age written in the manga or in the game, but not Venti.

According to the wiki, his birthday is on the 16th of June. As far as age goes, Venti seems to be secretive about it.

Nevertheless, we could expect it to be more than a couple of thousand years. Even though, he seems young in appearance, often times these thousand-year-old semi-gods look very young.

What’s interesting is that he might have two personalities. Seems like the Wind Archon sometimes takes over his mind. Often when this happens, Venti is very wise and speaks philosophically.

This is another indication that Venti might have lived long enough, that the Wind Archon himself has entered his mind and body. There might be some books or information that could be found in-game about his age, but we are not aware of such books.

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