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In Genshin Impact, the fast travel mechanic is probably the most important one for travelling, apart from gliding. You will surely find yourself using fast travel to get to places.

Genshin Impact : How to Fix Waypoints Not Showing

The gliding, while faster than walking, it’s still not as quick as the fast travel. In a world as big as the one in Genshin Impact, you will rely heavily on this mechanic to get you to certain locations. Normal travel just isn’t an option.

But players keep experiencing some issues with fast travel, i.e. the waypoints are not showing. This is how to fix waypoints not showing.

How to Fix Waypoints Not Showing – Genshin Impact

To travel to these waypoints, you need to unlock them first. You can do this by interacting with them while you travel.

Once you interact with a waypoint, you will receive some rewards, and this location will be permanently available for fast travel. But what happens when you open your map and they are not showing up?

Well, this is how to “fix” waypoints not showing up:

Zoom in. It’s as simple as that. This is not an issue per se, but a poor game design choice. A lot of players have fallen victim to this game design.

Players keep their map zoomed out, so the waypoints don’t show up. You have to zoom in a bit to make them appear.

I have seen countless of reports of this “issue” and once players find out what the real problem is, they’re either in shock or extremely annoyed by the fact that they’ve walked for the last 3 hours straight.

Funnily enough, even though it’s common knowledge that you need to zoom in to see the waypoints, players keep making the same mistake. I hope we have cleared up some things for you about the fast travel, make sure to always zoom in.

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