Genshin Impact: Jueyun Chili Location



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The Jaeyun Chili is a main ingredient for many tasty dishes in Genshin Impact. These dishes give-off certain buffs and replenish a substantial amount of health.

Genshin Impact: Jueyun Chili Location

So, the Jaeyun Chili is no doubt an important item in this game. It can be used for character ascensions too. For example, it will be a requirement for the ascension of Xiangling. These chilies can be found in the wild or close to Qinqce Village.

We will tell you the exact Jaeyun Chili locations.

Jaeyun Chili Locations in Genshin Impact

There are a couple of locations for this ingredient. This is one of them:

Here you can expect to find a lot of Jeayun Chili. These often spawn on the edges of the cliffs. So, try to search for them on the edges, if you don’t find any, search broader.

Sometimes it spawns on the edges and sometimes it spawns far from the edge. Sometimes it seems random, but close to the edges is definitely a more favorable spot.

The other place you can find the Jeayun Chili is here:

T his location is considered to have quite a bit more Jaeyun Chili from the other one. Like with the last one, search for this item on the edges.

Also, consider looking for it behind bushes, trees, and objects. We have found out that this plant has a mind of its own and can hide very well. Furthermore, you can easily miss it.

The most important thing is to select the character Qiqi if you are searching for this chili. If you have this character, it will be very easy for you to find these chilies.

This is because for Qiqi, the plant will appear on the minimap when you are close to it. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have her, just look for this item on the edges, you are bound to find quite a few. Good luck!

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