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Being such a big RPG game, Genshin Impact to no surprise, has millions of trophies and achievements you can get. Each are very special in nature, and very challenging.

Genshin Impact Eagle | Eagle Location

For example, hitting an Eagle you see flying with you bow will get you the “Nothing Special, Just Practice” trophy. It’s truly nothing special, but you will come across this objective if you want to obtain all of the trophies and achievements this game offers.

Well, to shoot at an eagle, you need to see one first. Thankfully, we will give you the exact eagle location.

Eagle Location in Genshin Impact

Eagles in Genshin Impact, much like in real life, are extremely strong hunter birds. They are very swift and hard to spot.

In Genshin Impact, they can spawn in a couple of places, but the problem is the spawn rate. Even though, you have a chance to spot them in a couple of locations, they spawn very rarely.

Loot-wise they don’t drop anything special, or anything worth the challenge of taking down one. Your aim has to be impeccable if you want to kill an eagle.

Here is the Eagle location:

Climb the small hill that is between Qingce Village and Wuwang Hill. When you are at the highest point of the hill, look up and you should see an eagle.

You might not get lucky on the first try though, because as I said above, these creatures spawn very rarely. Nevertheless, if you see one get a closer aim and shoot him down with either Amber or any character with a bow.

After successfully doing this, you will get the “Nothing Special, Just Practice” trophy. It’s a bronze level trophy but you will still need to get it if you want a spotless completion of the game. Good luck!

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