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Not just an ordinary World Quest, but one that is needed to unlock a new region of Inazuma. The Moon-Bathed Deep is a quest that players need to complete to advance to the next content of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: The Moon-Bathed Deep Quest Guide

This quest can be started by talking to Tsuyuko, a shrine maiden standing on a cliff in Mouun Shrine. She will tell you that the deep pool directly across the Sangonomiya Shrine is the entrance to Enkanomiya.

Tsuyuko will ask you to visit the five Goshou Rocks that are nodes of the barrier that separates Sangonomiya and Enkanomiya. The Goshou Rocks are in five locations named the eye, fang, fin, tail, and heart of Watatsumi. Go to the first four locations and retrieve the Spirit Pearls needed to enter the fifth location.

Eye of Watatsumi

You will find the Eye of Watatsumi on an island west of Mouun Shrine. You can see from the cliff where you talked to Tsuyuko and triggered the quest.

On the island, you will see a shrine that a seal protects. To know how to remove this, you need to read what is written on the Ancient Stone Tablet. The highlighted words that Paimon read were south, north, and western (mound), and you need to find three “eyes” that can be found in these locations.

You will then have to use your elemental sight to track these so-called “eyes” of Omikami’s envoy.

The first “eye” is located south, just behind a few rocks near the water. You have to use elemental sight from time to time to see where it is and then use an elemental attack to destroy it.

After doing so, slimes will appear, and you have to defeat them.

The second “eye” is on the northern part of the island. You can go back to the shrine and use elemental sight and follow the traces of elemental energy.

There will be Ruin Sentinels where the second “eye” is; thus, you need to defeat them before destroying the eye.

As the clue said, the third eye is on the western mound, and looking at the island, the part of the west is a cliff. When you use elemental sight, the energy traces lead up the ridge, so you have to climb up.

Make sure you have a ranged character when climbing up the cliff because you will have to defeat Specters that will float away from the cliff and attack you from afar.

After destroying all three eyes, go back to the shrine and collect the Spirit Pearl.

Fang of Watatsumi

The fang of Watatsumi is located north of Mouun Shrine.

To remove the seal around the shrine, activate the Ley Line Monolith and protect it from Hilichurls for a certain time. The duration time will be reduced by five seconds to defeat an opponent. Monster will continue to spawn until the time ends. Make sure to keep the Monolith’s HP at a safe level until then.

After the challenge, you can now take the Spirit Pearl from the shrine.

Fin of Watatsumi

The next sealed shrine is the Fin of Watatsumi, which you can find east of where the Fang shrine is.

To unseal the shrine, you need to solve a puzzle that involves two round platforms with fish statues holding some pearl and Watatsumi Mysterious Pillars.

The fish statues need to face the center to activate the platform, and to do this, you need to rotate them.

Rotating some statues will also rotate the fish statue on the other platform but rotate all fish statues in one platform first and then activate the Mysterious Pillar. This will prevent the statues from moving as you rotate the ones on the other platform.

Some Ruin Sentinels may appear after aligning the fish statues, so be prepared to fight.

When both platforms have been activated, you can get the Spirit Pearl from the shrine.

Tail of Watatsumi

The Tail is on a peninsula southeast of Bourou Village. You can teleport to the closest Teleport Waypoint and walk to that cliff.

The shrine area will be lurking with Fatui members, so make sure to get rid of them first.

The tablet says, “Tread lightly and walk slowly, following the lights. Run not, rush never, make no hue or cry, and approach with piety in one heart for our great Omikami’s grace.”

Go back to the bottom of the cliff and summon an Electrogranum from the bough. Then move up to the shrine but make sure that the Electrogranum lights up all the Electric lamps along the way.

You can run but do not sprint, jump, or make any attacks. Once all the Electric Lamps are lit, the seal around the shrine will be removed, and you can take the last Spirit Pearl.

Heart of Watatsumi

Now that you have all four Spirit Pearl talk to Tsuyuko and report your progress. She can be found standing just outside the entrance of Sangonomiya Shrine, near the Teleport Waypoint.

After talking to her, she will mark the location of the Heart, which is inside a cave to the east right across the Sangonomiya Shrine.

A barrier seals the entrance to this cave and opens it. You need to use the Spirit Pearls.

How to Solve the Heart of Watatsumi Puzzle

Inside the cave, you will find four platform puzzles that you solved in the Fin of Watatsumi.

The platforms at the back or the far end of the cave have a Mysterious Pillar that is sealed, and the way to remove it is to solve the other three platforms first.

Whenever you adjust all three fish statues to the correct position, Hydro Mimics will appear, and you have to defeat them.

For the last platform, you need to activate the Mysterious Pillar first so that the orbs that the fish are holding will also activate.

Again, after the statues face the correct position, Hydro Mimics will appear, but there will be three waves of these enemies this time.

Once you survive and defeat all monsters, all platforms will energize the Heart and create a Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep or Key of the Deep.

You will need this item to open the entrance to Enkanomiya—a region found under Inazuma where people of Watatsumi were said to have originated from.

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