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There is a particular hidden quest in Genshin Impact which gives you an extremely powerful artifact. This quest is a must if you want to make your characters very potent.

Genshin Impact: Secret Quest 5-Star Artifact

However, beware because you will have to toil pretty hard to finish this quest, since it is one of the most challenging quests in Genshin Impact.

You will have to have progressed quite a bit in the game to this quest. Nonetheless, we will tell you how to do the secret 5-star artifact quest.

Secret Quest – 5-Star Artifact in Genshin Impact

To initiate this quest all the Statue of the Seven need to have their level maxed out. From them, you will get Stones of Remembrance, from which you’ll need nine.

After you get all the stones, you can safely start the quest if you are up to this task. Before doing anything, get your star characters, and stack up on a lot of quality food.

The mobs and bosses that you come across will be very challenging to beat.

Nevertheless, this is how you get Secret 5-Star Artifact:

  1. Go to the Cuijie Slope.
  2. There will be nine pillars, and at the center there will be a stone inscription. Interact with it and the quest will start.
  3. Go to each stone and climb to the top.
  4. When you see a glowing orange on the stone, put the stone of remembrance in. You will have to do this with each pillar.

There is no special way to find these pillars, but they cannot be easily missed. Just run around the area and you will find all.

Also, there will be chests spawning on the ground next to the pillars when you do this, so make sure to grab that. Be careful, since there will be mobs trying to protect it.

  1. Once you did that to all pillars, a giant door will open. Go inside.
  2. Use every buff you can, because as I said above, the mobs are very potent. Nevertheless, go through and eliminate all enemies in the tomb.
  3. After you beat the “Eye” boss, a door will open in that room, in which you will find the 5-Star Artifact. Here is the location:
5 star quest location 1

That is how you get the artifact. The quest won’t be over yet, and you will receive even more bonkers rewards. To pass it, just follow the objectives, it is pretty straightforward after surviving the tomb. Good luck!

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