Genshin Impact Food | How to Process Ingredients


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In your glorious battles against the dark forces in Genshin Impact, you will need sustenance. Food can be either made, bought, or obtained.

Genshin Impact Food | How to Process Ingredients

Getting it from shops and quests is straightforward. But, what to do with the ingredients you acquire on your travels? Well, that’s what we will cover in this guide.

We will tell you how to process the ingredients in Genshin Impact the right way.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact


Ingredients can come in the form of fruits, vegetables, crops, meat, etc. These ingredients can usually be found in crates, chests, or destroyable objects in dungeons and the world.

This processing system is reasonably straightforward, and as I said, food ingredients are straightforward to come by. They are used to replenish health.

Some cooked foods restore HP more than others. This depends on the quality of the food and the ingredients.

This is how you process food in Genshin:

  1. Gather some whole foods from quests, dungeons, chests, etc.
  2. Find a cooking pot on a fire. This can be found worldwide, mostly in dark forces’ camps or in the capital.
  3. Interact with the cooking pot. After that, a menu will be opened.
  4. There are tabs on the top to switch between ingredients and cooking, select process. There you can see the components which you can process.

That is how you process ingredients in Genshin Impact. Some foods take different ingredients, which are only available in shops or by processing. For example, flour can be either acquired from shops or processed, and you will need it to cook certain foods that require flour.

If you don’t have the required ingredients, go to a dungeon or a shop in the capital. You can also buy already cooked foods in shops if you don’t want to cook. Good luck!

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