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There are a few different kinds of levels and ranks in Genhin Impact. There is your usual character level, then you have account level which is Adventure Rank, and world level.

Genshin Impact - What To Do After Adventure Rank 30

We will focus on Adventure Rank today, since it is considered the most important one. Max adventure rank these days is 30. But what happens when you’ve reached the end?

Well, we will tell you what to do after Adventure Rank 30.

What to Do After Adventure Rank 30 – Genshin Impact

Despite what people say, you can reach this rank pretty quickly. However, this can only be achieved if you do follow your chapters and finish objectives, daily commissions, dungeons, and bosses.

The Adventure Rank isn’t connected to individual character in any way, except when the AR would become a requirement for some ascension or similar situations.

So, when you reach AR 30 what is there left to do?

Well, the game will still not be over. You will still receive daily commissions which you can finish. On top of that, you can also explore and find hidden quests, because chances are you haven’t finished all of them.

Furthermore, the dungeons can be re-run and you can maximize other characters there. After a certain point, you can also increase World Level.

If you do this, the bosses, dungeons, and mobs will be harder to conquer. Also, new quests and interactions will be open.

Lastly, you can farm for elite gear for your characters. You can redo dungeons to acquire certain artifacts and gear. You can check the wiki for what each boss and dungeons will reward.

Other parts of the world can be explored to, for example some of which have been locked, because of your World Level. Besides, in the future we can expect to have an increase in max Adventure, and Character level.

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