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As we know, the bosses in Genshin Impact are pretty difficult. However, the fights even thought they are challenging, they are extremely fun.

Genshin Impact Cryo Regisvine | How To Kill Cryo Regisvine

There is a particular frost boss that is one of the strongest ice bosses in this game. Its name is Cryo Regisvine. Even though, this boss looks like a frozen flower, make no mistake, this boss is deadly.

Nevertheless, if you want to be victorious against it, you can. We will tell you how to kill Cryo Regisvine.

How to Kill Cryo Regisvine in Genshin Impact

This boss is located in a valley relatively close to the Thousand Winds Temple. Here is its exact location:

He will be unlocked after you reach Adventure Rank 20. Be careful, because this boss is extremely demanding, hence the Adventure Rank 20 requirement.

Ideally, you should fight this boss with Amber. She has a pretty good counter kit for this boss, and you can easily keep your distance.

Here is how to kill Cryo Regisvine:

  • Abilities:

This boss’s abilities are pretty challenging to dodge, so keep your eyes open for this. Some of its abilities will need to be dodged within a few yards of it, and some pretty far.

For the crystal do zig zags to effectively dodge them. As for the circle attack, you need to be close to it to dodge them.

  • Weak Spots:

Mostly, its eye will be a weak spot. Always focus the weak spots. Sometimes they will be transferred to the bottom of the monster.

The weak spots look like an eye.

  • Other characters:

After damaging the weak spot, the monster will lay on the ground. Switch to a stronger close-range character to damage while Cryo is laying.

Try other fire-damage heroes.

  • Ice:

It will release freezing temperatures of ice, which will immediately freeze the ground. Once the ground is frozen, do everything you can to avoid it. This deal 500-600 damage every few seconds.

  • Strongest attacks:

Its strongest attack is when he gets mad and slams the ground with its body, this will in turn release an ice attack which will come out of the ground.

The attack will go in a 1-meter line, focus heavily on evading this attack, it can be dodged either by going right or left. The move is pretty slow.

If you emphasize the tips mentioned above, you won’t have any problem with defeating this mighty beast. You don’t necessarily have to use Amber for this fight, but it’s highly recommended. Good luck!

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