Genshin Impact – When to Kill the Wolf Andrius


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Andrius is its name. The name strikes fear into Genshin Impact players’ hearts. He is the noble and strong protector of the wolf pack.

Genshin Impact – When to Kill the Wolf Andrius

If you go up against him, the rewards are quite good, but you will have to be ready for a battle. The wolf appears on a weekly basis. Once defeated, you cannot fight him until that week has passed.

But when is best to kill the wolf? Is there a strategy to it? Let’s find out.

When to Kill the Wolf – Genshin Impact

genshin impact wolf andrius

Battling the wolf will become available if only you pass The Meaning of Lupical, an act I story quest. Until then, you cannot challenge Andrius.

As for the rewards, they’re different for every player. What do I mean by this? Well, the rewards are dependent on what world level you are on. So, a higher world level means better rewards.

With that being said, when should you kill the wolf in Genshin Impact?

Sunday. Sunday is the best time to kill the wolf. But why is this so? Well, like I said above, a higher world level means better rewards.

This means that every week, you have seven days to reach the highest world level you can. Technically, if you challenge this weekly boss every Monday, you will lose a week progress every time.

On the contrary, this wouldn’t matter that much. However, it won’t matter for short-term. On long-term progress though, it has a detrimental impact.

Let’s say that you do Andrius every Monday. On Monday you will be world level two, while on Sunday you might have progressed one level, which would be three.

So, if you beat the wolf on level two, and then level three which you will surely be by the next Monday, you get rewards for rank two and three.

But using the same example, with one variable changed to another day, i.e. Sunday, would mean that technically you will get rewards for rank three and four. With that being said, always kill the wolf on Sunday!

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