Genshin Impact – Where to Find Frogs | 12 Frog Locations


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There are a lot of creatures in Genshin Impact, some are unique and hard to find, while others are ordinary and common. Frogs in Genshin are common and they can be found near big bodies of water.

Genshin Impact – Where to Find Frogs | 12 Frog Locations

These creatures were added not long ago, and they seem to have no use right now. But some say that we will see them being used in ascensions crafting, and other things in the future.

For now, we don’t know but if you want to collect these, we will tell you where to find these frogs and their locations!

Where to Find Frogs: Locations – Genshin Impact

Now, although they are most common near big waters, they don’t always spawn everywhere. So, in some way they might be a bit rare.

There are a lot of locations at which you can see one or more frogs. Like I said, they can’t be used for anything right now, except some strong alchemy potions. But if you still want to find them, let’s get to it.

This is where you can find frogs and their exact spawn locations in Genshin Impact:

1. Sal Terrae, Liyue

frog location sal terrae

2. Dihua Marsh North

frog location dihua marsh north

3. Thousand Winds Temple South, Mondstadt

frog location thousand winds temple south

4. Thousand Winds Temple Left, Mondstadt

frog location thousand winds temple left

5. Dadaupa Gorge

frog location dadaupa gorge

6. Cuijue Slope North

frog location cuijue slope north

7. Luhua Pool, Liyue

frog location luhua pool

8. Qingxu Pool North and South

frog location qinxu pool north and south 1024x471 1

9. Qingxu Pool East

frog location thousand qingxu pool right

10. Mt. Aozang – Top-Right

frog location mt aozang

You can get a lot of frogs at this location, so explore as much as possible!

11. Mt. Aozang – Below previous location

frog location mt aozang right below 1024x472 1

12. Stone Gate North

frog location stone gate north

These are all of the location for the infamous frogs in Genshin Impact. We might see a change in the future when they start or if they start adding the frog mechanic. You can get 29 frogs in total if you capture them at these locations.

For now, the frogs are pretty much useless except usable in certain alchemy potions. These potions can be good depending on your level so it might be viable for you to get these frogs. Good luck!

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