Genshin Impact – Where to Get Sunsettia Fruit



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There are a lot of different foods in Genshin Impact. Some foods will be also needed if you want to make dishes, which usually restore more HP and have some buffs and perks

Genshin Impact – Where to Get Sunsettia Fruit

Whether it be for a dish, or for straight up consumption, you will find yourself searching for the Sunsettia fruit. The fruit is scattered throughout the world, so some players struggle with getting it.

Where to Find the Sunsettia Fruit? – Genshin Impact

There are a few locations where you can find this fruit most present. Sometimes, you might even find it in some unusual places, but not a good amount.

Look at the regions below, where you can find the Sunsettia fruit:

  • Dadaupa Gorge

The pins resemble tree locations where you can get it.

This area is predisposition to grow the tree that bears the Sunsettia fruit. You will find the most amount of this fruit here.

  • Around the Stone Gate Area

Tree locations are pinned on the map.

Keep in mind that you won’t find as much fruit here as the first location, but you will more likely have this location unlocked far earlier than the first one.

Technically, you can get the food from other places in the world, but these locations are widely known for having most of it.

Scattered Sunsettia fruit trees can be found around the world. Additionally, what is good about this is that you can gather the fruit from one tree and remember its location, because the fruit slowly grows again.

Usually, you can expect this to happen in one or two days at most.

Sunsettia Fruit Usage – Whole or Cooked?

You can use this fruit for consumption or cooking. When you eat it whole, it will restore 300 HP. This is not bad at all, whether you are the max level or you are just starting out.

That amount of HP makes a difference for veteran and beginner players. Just make sure to have a lot of it!

However, you might consider cooking it, since you will get the most nutrition of this item like that. To do so, you will need to combine it with other products, so keep that in mind!

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