Genshin Impact: Whopper Flower Nectar Location


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A lot of nectar and potions in Genshin Impact can be used for different reasons. Many are a requirement for a crafting item, some for character ascensions, and some for bonus stats and health replenishment.

Genshin Impact: Whopper Flower Nectar Location

There is particular nectar called the “Whopper Flower Nectar,” and for some reason, Genshin Impact players have problems with locating this strange nectar. It’s a common misconception that it’s hard to find. On the contrary, the game can tell you where to get it.

Nevertheless, we have all the Whopper Flower Nectar locations, and we will share them with you.

Whopper Flower Nectar Locations

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It’s one-star nectar that can be used for either character ascensions and crafting of Shimmering Nectar. According to the wiki, this nectar is extracted from the stamen of the Whopper Flower.

It also notes that it has traces of all the elements. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of having a sweet taste.

Character-wise, it can be used in ascensions to Keqing and Sucrose. It drops from vicious Whopperflowers.

Here is one exact location you can find in the Adventure Book:

Whopperflowers location 1

But this is not the only location for it. You can find other Whopperflowers scattered around the world since they are not that rare.

Besides, they are effortless to eliminate if you are at least level 20. The other places you can find them is here:

Whopperflowers location 2

Ignore the cursor. You can find these creatures everywhere around these parts of the map. As I said, they are widespread, and you will run into many while progressing through the game.

There is some talk going around that this nectar is a requirement for particular weapon ascension. But for now, it’s not clear which weapon requires this, and if it does at all. Enjoy your adventure, traveler!

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