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There are many extremely challenging bosses in Genshin Impact. One of those is probably the Oceanid boss. It has a different style of fighting than the other ones in this game.

Genshin Impact: Oceanid | How To Kill Oceanid

It uses water to bring artificial creatures into life who are like mini-bosses. Once you defeat these creatures, you do damage to the main boss. In other words, you won’t be fighting Oceanid, but Oceanid’s creatures.

Please make no mistake, though. It’s tough to defeat the water creatures. That’s why we will tell you how to kill Oceanid the easiest way.

How to Kill Oceanid in Genshin Impact

It’s a high-level boss, so consider fighting it when you are level 40 with at least two characters. Both of them should be either electro or fire damage-dealing heroes.

Oceanid in Genshin Impact Location

Oceanid can be found in a valley west of Modstadt. Here is the exact location of this boss:

Here is how to kill Oceanid:

  • To initiate the fight:

Once you are in the valley, look for a bubbling spot on the ground, go to it, and Oceanid will emerge.

  • Use Amber:

Use Amber to deal damage from afar.

  • Close-Range fighting:

The creatures will be annoying and will deal with a lot of AOE damage, so fight carefully, preferably with an electro character. Wind and water characters won’t be as efficient as fire and electricity.

  • Evading:

Creatures will jump up and smash into the ground next to you. Focus more on evading than fighting, since they deal a lot of damage.

  • Platforms:

Platforms will disappear while fighting, so be careful of those.

  • Crabs:

Kill the crabs as fast as possible. They are very annoying and will follow you around squirting water and dealing with AOE damage.

  • Stack-up on food:

Bring a lot of food, just like with any boss, if not more.

You will have 5-6 waves of creatures before you kill Oceanid. Once you defeat the last wave, Oceanid dies. Don’t try to aim and fight the boss, because you will do less damage, and the creatures are very tough so that they might kill you. Good luck!

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