How to Get More Cooking Recipes in Genshin Impact



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As an open-world role-playing game, Genshin Impact has included features allowing players to get the best experience as adventurers. These features include freely wandering the lands and seas and getting through challenges like terrain, weather, monsters, and more. Thus, you need to learn new things to survive in the vast world of Teyvat.

How to Get More Cooking Recipes in Genshin Impact

Cooking is one of the essential features for exploring in this game. Food items you obtain from cooking can help recover HP and Stamina and increase damage and critical rate. And some will even revive fallen characters.

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Aside from being a utility for survival, cooking also acts as a mini-game that can be a hiatus from the fast-paced combats when adventuring. You can even unlock achievements by learning several cooking recipes.

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There are dozens of snacks and dishes you can learn and master. Most of these are exclusive to a certain nation. Listed below are where you can get cooking recipes to help you be a master chef.

City Restaurants, Diners, and Food Merchants

In every capital city of the nation of Teyvat, you can purchase certain dishes which you can bring to your adventures. Some of these establishments and vendors also sell cooking recipes. So make sure to visit them and check out what they are offering.


In Mondstadt, you can go to the Good Hunter, and their waitress, Sara, can sell some of the recipes exclusive to this town.

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Wangshu Inn

A hotel popular among all kinds of travelers, Wangshu Inn, does not only offer a place to take a break from your journey but also delicious meals so you’ll be well-rested and prepared to continue on your trip.

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When you talk to Verr Goldet—the inn’s boss—she will offer food and cooking recipes, which you can purchase for a few Moras.

Qingce Village

In Qingce Village, you can find a woman named Ms. Bai. She is a miller that sells crops, food, and recipes.

cr liyue qingce bai

Liyue Harbor

Liyue Harbor is also home to several restaurants as a business and trade capital.

You can talk to Chef Mao, Xiangling’s dad and the owner of Wanmin Restaurant, to sell you some food or recipes of dishes they make.

cr liyue wanmin

If you visit Liuyi Pavilion, their waitress Licai will sell you a few dishes and cooking recipes at the entrance.

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The same goes for Yueshu, the waitress at Xinyue Kiosk.

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Inazuma City

The capital city of the Electro nation is home to two restaurants: the Shimura’s and the Kiminami Restaurant.

cr inazuma kanbei
cr inazuma anna

Reputation Rewards

Aside from being purchased from the shops, some cooking recipes are only available as rewards when you reach certain reputation levels for a nation.

You can check with the following people below to see the recipes you can get as rewards.

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