How To Get More Dragons In Dragonary – Is It Worth It?



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Dragonary is a free-to-play NFT game where you can earn money by playing. Playing the game is free, but you must invest in dragons to make a large sum of money. One of the main aspects of the game is collecting enough dragons to increase your account rarity, but the game does not tell you this upfront.

How To Get More Dragons In Dragonary - Is It Worth It?

In Dragonary, the amount of CYT tokens you earn daily depends on your account rarity level. Account rarity refers to the number of dragons you have on your account. The game wants you to have a ton of rare dragons. As such, investing more time and money in the game is worthwhile.

Getting More Dragons In Dragonary

There are two primary ways to collect dragons in the game. The first is by Breeding. You can breed two Common and Uncommon dragons in the game. The dragon you use as fodder will be lost during this process, but a new egg will spawn. This is an integral part of the feature as it helps maintain the number of dragons, thus stabilizing the game’s economy.

The catch, however, is you need to make your dragons reach full maturity before you can breed them. For Common dragons, you need to get them to level 10, and Uncommon dragons must be level 20 to breed.

Once you have the necessary dragons for Breeding, head to Ember quests first. The Ember you create is important as it will determine your dragon’s element. You will need 5 Sparks of the same element to get an Ember. It would be best if you farmed for Embers.

The price for breeding depends on their rarity. For instance, you must spend 5 CYT tokens to breed a Common dragon. With that done, you should head into your Coinary account to transfer CYT tokens to your Dragonary account.


With the requirements met you must go to the Altar and head to Breeding. Once an egg is bred, you must wait for it to hatch. The time you need to wait depends on the rarity of an egg which is shown below.

  • Common: 3 hours
  • Uncommon: 12 hours
  • Rare: 24 hours
  • Epic: 48 hours
  • Legendary: 96 hours
  • Mythical: A week

The resulting monster from Breeding is not always a rarity above what you bred with because its rarity depends on the average of its three stats. For example, to become an Uncommon dragon, its overall stats must reach 50. You will have a stronger dragon from each breeding phase, so by breeding them repeatedly, you can get higher rarity monsters.

The other way is by fusing Rare, Epic, and Legendary dragons. You will need to mix a total of five dragons for this. The fodder dragon will be lost, but you will get a new one. Again, you have to spend CYT on this.

Is It Worth It Spending On CYT?

Dragonary is a decent game, but remember to increase your account rarity to generate good profit. Increasing account rarity is straightforward, as you only need to breed dragons. However, the problem is it can take a while if you do not spend any money. It will take weeks to create an Uncommon dragon through Breeding.

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The price you earn is dependent on the cost of CYT. Spending around $20 for CYT is enough to breed more. As of this writing, you can get about $0.2 daily for an uncommon account. On the other hand, some players report getting up to $23 worth of CYT daily on an Epic account.

Whether or not it is worth it is up for debate. Dragonary has promise as an NFT game. Like Axie, the game will become increasingly expensive as more features are added, and more players join in to boost the game’s economy. With so many potential features along the way, it might be wise to begin investing in the game as early as now.

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